Derivatives (Futures and Options) MBA Project

Derivatives (Futures and Options) MBA Project

Libations of the Study:

–     The study was restricted to twin cities.

–     The information given by the respondents may be biased.

–    Suggestions given at the end of the report are based on the information collected, which may not be accurate due to the changing perceptions of the consumers.

–    Due to time constraint more information could not be collected.

–    Analysis could not be drawn for the entire questionnaire only specific questions have been analyzed and interpreted.Derivatives (Futures and Options) MBA Project


At the end of this study, we can say that given the rising standards of Indian individuals and upward economy of the country, prudent tax planning before-hand is must for all the citizens to make the most of their incomes. However, the mix of tax saving instruments, planning horizon would depend on an individual’s total taxable income and age in the particular financial year.

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