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Data Leakage Detection Project Using ASP.Net

February 7, 2012

Data leakage Detection Project is a networking project developed using java as front end and MS – Access as back end. The aim of this project is to detect the agents who have leaked the data of an organization to some other party.

Existing system: In this system it is possible to detect hackers but information we get from cookies is less for taking any serious action against hackers who are involved in data leakage. There is need to improve existing system to implement a secure data leakage detection application.

Proposed System:

  This system will provide more amounts of hackers who are part of data leakage and take serious action against them. In this proposed system we use different methods to find out the hackers for example by generating fake objects, encryption of data and watermarking techniques.

download data leakage detection asp.net project paper presentation.


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