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Remote Job Controlling and Load Sharing Project Report for NIT Final Year CSE Students

Introduction to Remote Job Controlling and Load Sharing Project: Beyond all doubt the best ways of pushing folks, items, and aids is through the worldwide net. It can’t be denied that […]

Real Time Object Tracking NIT CSE Project Report for Final Year Students

Introduction to Real Time Object Tracking  Project: Tracking reports are crucial when adjusting and streamlining your message showcasing battles. Constant investigation advances the route to expanded bargains, diminished skips, while building […]

NIT CSE Project on Process Checkpointing and Restarting with Full Report

Introduction to Process Checkpointing and Restarting Project: In this Project we are approaching a new method of controlling the movement of the mouse using the base of a real-time camera. The […]

NIT IT Final Year Seminar Report on Semiconductors and Devices for IT Students

Introduction to  Semiconductors and Devices Seminar Topic: This paper discussed about the atomic structure of semiconductors and its importance, also discussed about the concepts of energy bands and energy bands gaps. […]

IIT CSE Project Report on TCP Stream Reassembly and Web Based GUI for Sachet IDS

Introduction to TCP Stream Reassembly and Web Based GUI for Sachet IDS: Now a days instead of getting into direct interaction online communication has become a demanded in today’s generations. In […]

Cache Compression in the Linux Memory Module NIT Computer Science Project Report

Introduction to Cache Compression in the Linux Memory Module Project: This cache compression is used by configuration the RAM to catch the pages and the files which surely adds the great […]