Dance Studio Web Project Synopsis


This project Dance Studio is an online website which provides a platform for all age groups to learn and excel in the most amazing and loved field called Dance. It has various famous choreographers available to train the candidates.

It also provides a safe and fun environment that allows every individual in developing skills. Here candidates are given opportunities to take part in various competitions in the studio.

It has some features like:

  • Candidates can register online for their desired dance forms.
  • It has two types of service which are at the studio and at home.
  • There is a limited number of registrations are done under each choreographer.
  • This studio also gives rewards and appreciation for all the winners and also provides a costume for all the candidates.
  • It displays calendar blocked (if two or more candidates register for the same choreographer, at the same time for different locations).

The registered candidates will receive confirmation SMS with required details of choreographer on the registered mobile number but the registration gets canceled if the candidate fails to submit the form within 30 minutes.

Hence, valuable suggestions and comments of all candidates are solicited. The feedback will certainly help us in further improving the studio in the future.

Software Requirements : JAVA, MYSQL, HTML

Assignments and Materials Java Project


The main aim of developing this assignments and materials web-based java & MySQL application is to provide a simple way of educational communication between student and the faculty. Here Admin role is to just view and manage faculty and student information if anything goes wrong.

Both faculty and Student has to register themselves into the application and login with registered credentials, Where Faculty can upload the necessary material for the questions to be asked in the exam, where students can view the material which is uploaded by the particular teacher for their teaching subjects, Once the student reads the material and if he is ready for the exam.

The Faculty asks questions for a particular branch and section wise where student give an answer for the particular question and again Faculty verifies the answers and finally, Faculty provides marks for the given answers.

This is a simple way to provide materials and conduct an exam assignment online. With the help of this project, we can reduce the manual work, paperwork, and save time.

We have used Java, NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS software technical requirements to develop these assignments and materials application.


  • Admin
  • Faculty
  • Student

UML Diagrams:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Output Screens process details

  • Home Page
  • Admin login
  • Admin Home
  • View faculty
  • View student
  • Faculty registration
  • Faculty Login
  • Faculty Login
  • Faculty home
  • Faculty home
  • Upload questions
  • Upload Material
  • View Student Answers
  • Enter Marks
  • Student reg
  • Student Login
  • Student home
  • View Questions
  • Write Answers
  • View Materials
  • View Marks

Employee Attendance Monitoring System Java Project


In this Employee Attendance Monitoring project, attempts were made to register the presence of employees. The main purpose of this java application is to maintain information about the presence that all employees can use in their departments. This web application retrieves the details of the departments assigned to the relevant administrative employees and employees enrolled in the courses from the server with the internet connection and stores them in the database. At the end of the month, when the administrator is needed to attend, attendance reports can directly generate an administrator report view.

Existing System:

In the Existing System, we maintain information manually to maintain the information in manually is also time taken. Calculate the loss of pay is also time taken.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System, we are maintaining all the employees’ information in Their attendance and their salary‘s. In this project Employee’s also can view the Attendance and LOP’S. The Application automatically calculates their LOP’s based on their Salary’s.



  • Login
  • View Employee Details
  • Add Employee Details
  • Delete Employee Details

Admin Staff:

  • Update the Employee Attendance.
  • Calculate LOPS


  • Login
  • View Employee Attendance
  • View Lop
  • Apply for The Leave

Requirements Specifications

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium-III (or) Higher
  • Ram: 64MB (or) Higher
  • Hard disk: 10GB

Software Requirements

  • Technology: Java 2 Standard Edition, JDBC
  • WebServer: Tomcat 7.0
  • Client Side Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Server Side Technologies: Servlets, JSP
  • Data Base Server: MySQL
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows

Student Repository System Java Project


žThe main objective of this Repository system application is to store all the details of the students permanently by using the one-time registration process.

žThe students can register their details at once and they get one unique id which is useful to fetch their details to any application automatically.

Present Working System

žIn the existing repository system, the students have to enter their details every time whenever they required for filling the application.

ž It is time-consuming and sometimes there is a chance of misplacement of data.

To Be Proposed

žIn the proposed repository system the students no need to enter their details every time.

žBy using their unique registration id the details are automatically fetched to the application only extra details required are to be entered.

žThe students can update their details in the existed profile whenever they required.

žIt is the user-friendly environment and less time-consuming.


The proposed repository system has two modules:


  • žAdministrator can store and manage all the details of registered students.
  • žProvides the functionalities that the student can fetch their details whenever required.
  • žAdmin maintains the entire application who is responsible for the activities that are performed in the system.


  • žThe student can log in into the system with their login details.
  • žThey can add, delete and modify the existed details in the system.
  • žThe student gets the notification any activity is performed in the system.

Repository system is a Java-based project, Its like one time registration application in this students can register all their details one time and they will get one id using that if they can apply any application form like job purpose, certificates purpose like that they can utilize that id, if they enter that id automatically the details related to that fields fetched and extra details to be filled by the student.

and one thing is the photo and signature are also to be saved in a file and those also to be fetched automatically whenever required.

This project developed by using Java, NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Student Result System Desktop Application in Java

Different Users  Based Access

  1. The Student Result System Application uses Users based access/ security for the General user and the Administrator. Both have different access to different pages
  2. The user is prompted to submit and edit the details submitted.
  3. The Administrator is prompted to enter and manage the information.



This is the main page of the Student Result System project. It consists of the links to log in, to register the user, to search or book shows for authenticated users, to saw the coming up shows for next seven days etc.








Following Student Result System Software’s are required for developing application:

1 Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Window7
2 Front-end Tool Java
3 Backend Tool SQL Server2005

 Data Flow Diagrams:

Data Flow Diagram For My Menu

Data Flow Diagram for Admin:

Data Flow Diagram for User: