Inventory Management System for Music Store BCA Project Report

Introduction to Inventory Management System Project:

For the establishment of a music store the project INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR MUSIC STORE is designed. This software helps to handle the operations of the shop and the other issues that are related with it.

This software also helps in maintaining the details that are related to sales, purchases, cash flow, stock updating, returns, bank flow and another level of the recorder of the music store. The main aim of this application is to replace the old manual system with the modern computerized system. It handles the records of the purchases, record levels, counter sales, customary monetary positions, supplier records and other transactions that are made at the counter.

This system is aimed to make the works of the users more easy. Apart from that it also saves a lot of time and money as well as energy. This software is designed in such a way that it will provide the important reviews that are related to the business from time to time. It helps in the growth and expansion of the business. It will also enable quick accessing of the records and provide various reports that showcase the important details on the basis of which serious decisions can be taken. This system aims to change the old manual system without any modification and major changes.

This system is designed in such a manner that it can be used for maintaining the records of all the company’s operations. It makes the work more efficient and smooth. At the same time it reduces the need for workforce.

We are readily selling this project and if you need then you can mail us or contact us on our mobile phone. We can customize the project as per the need of our clients. We will deliver the project in the form of a CD through the VPP post system to your residential address.

Eye Bank Management System Project

EYE BANK MANAGEMENT is a pilot project for the new eye bank that is soon going to start in the city. According to the planning of the management this bank will start operating from the very next month and they have the planning to collect tissues of eyes from various sources and distribute them to the needy people. A full fledged software is important for managing all these work responsibilities.

This software helps to maintain the daily transaction records in an eye bank and it also enable to register the details of the donors, eye tissue collection details and etc. This software application is designed in such a manner that it can suit the needs of all the eye banks in the future. Every possible effort is given to implement this project successfully and if it becomes successful then we will also target the other eye banks in the city.

The main modules of this project are stated below:

  1. Details of stock
  2. Details of camp
  3. Details of eye tissue collection
  4. Reports
  5. Details of eye bank
  6. Donor details
  7. Owner details

This project helps to maintain the sales, returns, purchase records. At the same time it can handle the accounts of the daily transaction. This software is very useful and it makes all the manual works replaced with the use of the computerized system. It saves a lot of time and money. Manual data recordings become a cumbersome job and it can also lead to errors even after repeated cross checks. But the use of this system will able to avoid all these and it can give 100 % accurate results. Moreover this software application will organize the data in such a way that it can help the user while searching a specified document or details. 

Apartment Management System Project

Apartment management programs are designed to provide utility to the daily operations of apartment and this software enable to keep records of the daily transactions in an electronocial manner which saves a lot of energy, time and money. We have developed this project for a renowned construction company which built many apartments and is also planning in the future to make other apartments in the city.

This software helps to main the track records of sales, purchases, receipts, installments, advances made, maintenances and other related issues. It helps in replacing the manual system of record keeping with the modern computerized system. Every year the company is designing new apartments and it I a difficult task to manage the records of each and every apartment in the manual system. It will not only takes a lot of time but it also increases the chances of errors.

Sometimes even after repeated cross checks errors are found which lead to wrong calculation of accounts and balance sheet. It creates a problem when you need details of any particular project. All these problems lead to the rise of an alternative option. 

For managing all the transactions we are proposing a software application that takes care of all the important transactions. Implementation of this software will help the users in several ways. The present software application has various modules which can ease the work and it includes:

Details of block

Details of apartment

Owner details

Receipts of installments

Separate apartment details

Monthly expenses maintenance

Monthly receipt maintenance


Generation of bill

The scope of the project is to make the works of the users easy especially the construction company. We are ready to sell this project and if you want to purchase it then mail us or send us an SMS.

Banking Administration BCA Final Year VB Project

The bank focus on recurring deposits, current, savings and fixed deposits. The need of computerized system increase with the increase number of investment and customers. This will enable the bank to provide further better and accurate service.

The bank provides the following types of accounts :

Current account

Savings account

Recurring account

We are aiming to make the transactions automated and maintain the information’s related to the deposit accounts. We are also planning to introduce the ATM facility for making transactions easy for our clients.

Savings account

In this account the customers savings are maintained and interest is given on the saving amount. The rate of interest is determined by the board of directors of the bank. Some of the implemented tasks included:

Creating new accounts for new customers as well as existing customers

Entering and withdrawal of an amount that is retrieval and transaction related information’s.

Calculation of interest

Generation of daily reports especially reports of account numbers, transaction reports of two intermediate dates and etc.

Current account

Under this system the current account of customers are handled and no interest is given

The implementation of tasks includes:

Editing the details of customers

Generating accounts of two specified dates, daily reports etc.

Creating new accounts

Retrieval and translation details

Recurring account

In this system only deposits that are occurring is handled and the interest rate are decided by the BOD of the bank. Here if the customers do not pay the installments as per agreement then he will have to pay a penalty charge which is again fixed by the board of directors. 

The user who is in charge of this interface will be provided will some of the facilities like

  1. Creating recurring deposit accounts for new customers
  2. Entering details of customers
  3. Calculating the interest amount
  4. Editing the information’s of customers

Blood Bank Management System Project in VB

The project BLOOD BANK MANAGEMENT  is known to be a pilot project that is designed for the blood bank that is going to be built in the city recently. According to the planning of the management this blood bank is going to operate from the very next month. They planned to gather the blood from various sources and distribute it to the needy people who have high requirements for it. A high quality software is required badly to manage all these cumbersome jobs.

This software is designed to handle the daily transactions of the blood bank. It also helps to register the details of the donors, blood collection details as well as the blood issued reports. The operation of the blood bank still now is a maintained in the manual system and therefor this project aims to make all the procedures automated. A blood bank needs to maintain almost hundred of records every day and therefore with computer system it can become more fast and accurate. It will also enable to search the details when required.

This software application is designed in such a manner that it can suit the needs of all the blood bank requirements in the course of the future. All efforts a possible is taken to implement this project properly in this blood bank. After the success we will also target other blood banks if the city.

For handling the needs of the blood banks this project has some of the modules which include the details of:


Blood bank


Blood collection



Blood issued



Stock details

To provide daily utilities are the main focus of this document. It also helps to store transactions in the electronic system which saves a lot of energy, time and money. This project is designed for one of the most reputed construction company in this city.