Online Medical Shop DBMS Python Mini Project

This project is based and innovated on an Online medical shop, wherein we store all the details about the customers, the stock of the medicines, orders, and payments and also the project will include a page wherein the user will indicate the symptoms and will get a probable disease and the prescribed medicine.

The project is aimed to modernize and support existing small business owners. In the age of technology where online medicine is dominated by e-commerce giants such as 1mg, net meds, etc. We wanted to develop a solution for small business owners as well.

The existing Medicinal systems have the provision for any user to book a request for a particular medicine through e-commerce. And further, the traditional methods to visit the medicinal centers for mere inquiry are time-consuming and monotonous and the non-availability is disappointing.

The data relevant to the processing of the request may or may not be manually stored or be captivated in a file system that is prone to manual errors, inconsistency, redundancy, and difficulty in retrieval. With our system, the availability can be shown so, even if a customer wants a pickup of his/her medicine. they can do so without any problems. Our model also has an integrated web scraper, which is an innovation we have come up with. This scraper can scrape medicines off the net for data warehousing.

This system maintains the storage details of all the customers and medicines that are stored in the shop. The system will keep track of the orders made and the payment details. NoSQL will be used to store future suggestions and customer reviews.

The main part of the project will be a part where the customer will be able to select his/her symptoms and medicine will be referred to them. Along with the expected disease. We also would integrate Web Scraping of all the medicines related to a particular disease entered by the user to store it in our database.

Software Requirements

• Language support required: Python 3.5 or later, HTML5, JS, CSS3
• NoSQL database required: MongoDB
• Relational Database required: MySQL
• Windows 7 or 10 /Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, 64-bit /Linux: RHEL 6/7, 64-bit (almost all libraries also work in Ubuntu)
• Heroku and pip are preferred for deployment and installation of packages (such as Django,asgerif, mongoose, etc) specified in requirements.txt
• A web browser support is needed.

If using the software through deployment, no language support in your machine is required.

Conclusion & Future Enhancement

This project was successfully built and completed. The project is an online medical shop with two categories of users (admin and customer) who can update inventory and place orders respectively. We have also added a web scraper as an innovation to this project. However, there are a lot of changes and addition of functionalities that can be done, which we intend to do after peer and faculty review.

Some of the enhancements are :

  • Listing of products linked with images to generate a more shop-relevant UI
  • Remove some programming language constraints
  • Online Deployment
  • And changes that our faculty and peers suggest.

In the end, we would once again thank our college, examiners, faculty guides, and teachers to help us finish the project within the speculated timeline.

Home Safety and Security System Using IoT Project

The main objective of the Home Safety and Security System Using IoT project is to implement a home safety and security system with the following features:

  • Monitoring and detection of leaks in LPG gas
  • Unauthorized opening of door/window

Hardware Requirements:

The hardware for the project consists of:

GISMO-V board with:

  • ESP32 dual-core 32-bit processor with Wi-Fi and BLE
  • MQ6 sensor module
  • Magnetic switch assembly
  • 0.96” OLED display with 128×64 resolution

Cloud Platform:

In this project, we are going to use Google’s firebase as a cloud database. It is a No-SQL database in which data is stored as Key-Value pairs.

To access the database the following credentials are required

  • Host URL
  • Database authentication key

These credentials are put into the ESP32 firmware to access the Google Firebase.
The keys used to store the parameter values in the project are:

  • IOTLAB/HSSS/Gas_Leak
  • IOTLAB/ HSSS/Window_Open

Mobile App:

  • The Modular rapid mobile app development utility is used for the development of the mobile app. The utility has two modes, a Developer mode, and a Blocks mode. Different functional blocks are available in developer mode, they are – User Interface, Sensors, Connectivity, Firebase, and so on.
  • In the Blocks mode, a timer with timing set to two seconds will fetch the LPG gas concentration and magnetic switch status values from the Firebase database and fill it in the appropriate place in the UI.
  • To access the Firebase dataset its credentials will be placed in the Firebase component of the Modular app.

Mobile App development of Home Safety and Security System Using IoT Project

Results and Conclusions:

With the help of the MQ6 sensor and magnetic switch, we monitored the leakage in LPG gas and also the window/door open status.
We can get notified with the help of the mobile app.

Download the complete Home Safety and Security System Using IoT Project code, report, ppt, design document, and SRS.