Full Stack Project on Restaurant Selection based on Reviews and Ratings

This Website ultimately relies on its users to post reviews, which can be rather subjective and not entirely accurate. Moreover, negative and inflammatory reviews tend to attract significantly more attention than positive reviews. For example, if a restaurant gets 10 positive reviews and just 1 negative review, most people will often scroll down to the negative review and read what it says. This means that even a single bad review can put a business in a bad light. This can pollute their online presence and potentially cause some loss in revenue.

Brief about the Project:

So, the project is titled Review-based Restaurant Selection, where this website will deal with the top-rated and best-reviewed Restaurants present in Mathura.

So, with the help of this website, potential customers weed out their choices of restaurants in Mathura.


“Review based Restaurant Selection” is the way of giving/providing information related to the best-rated Restaurant in Mathura, because Online review sites have transformed the way we do business and the way your customers make decisions.

 Modules used in the project: 

Detailed Description of Pages

Home Page The home screen consists of a screen where one can browse through the page for getting information about the usefulness of the web page

Home Page

Top 6 Restaurant Page: The screen consists of a screen where one can browse through the top 6 best-Rated Restaurants present in Mathura.

Write Your Review: The user can also Write a Review of any stuff for any Restaurant Present in Mathura Because public opinion matters

Products Page

Review of the Day: – Here on the Screen some Review Added by the user will be shown.

Review of the Day Page



  • Personal computer (any configuration)


  • Brackets source code editor

Technologies used:

  • Full Stack Technology –
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap

Web Page Details

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us
  3. Top 6 Restaurants present in Mathura
  4. Write a Review
  5. People Reviewed

Future Aspects

  1. We can add a query box
  2. We can add the review of the newly opened Restaurant

We can add an SMS tool so that information about the Restaurant can be provided using SMS.

College Placement Management System Java Full Stack Project

Developing a Placement Management System Java Full Stack Project site for recruiting eligible candidates who have already enrolled their names in the Placement Office in an engineering college and a completely interactive site for the students to enhance their technical and communication skills and to be easily placed in companies.

Modules involved in this Full Stack Project are below:

1. Creating GUI Interfaces for the Recruiter, Student, and Admin and handling the inner logic of those three actors of the system.

2. Generating Reports of Online marks, eligible students for writing online tests, selected students for an interview, and final selected students. Sending emails to selected students and uploading files.

3. Online Test module

4. Providing practice sets for students and outsiders who visit the website

5. Creating a  Discussion Forum for handling student queries and other information which helps students in preparing for placements.

6. Send an SMS to the final selected students.

Download the Complete Java Full Stack Project on Placement Management System Source Code.

Resorts Management System Full Stack & Bootstrap Project


Resorts Management System Full Stack Website which is based on the user interface that is front end project which can be used by the customers to access the different types of rooms according to their needs and other facilities of the resort which include a banquet hall, restaurant service, rooftop pool service, etc. On our Resorts Management System website, we have included all the relevant details that user wants to access while searching for a resort, it has all valuable data or information.

Also if the user has any query regarding any service they can send us the message for the website. In our project, the Resort website that we have made is fully responsive which helps users to access it on any device or at anytime, anywhere. This application will help to improve services for tourists and also improve the revenue source for our resort.


In the present time, there is a great rush in Resorts, as these have become a necessity for everyone in the society. People travel a lot, stay in hotels and resorts, goes to the hotels for functions, meetings, and refreshments. Our Resorts Management System project is developed keeping in mind the general needs of the customers when he goes to the resort. We cannot deny that we are now in much more technological improvement and especially for business, shifting from a manual process to online.

It focuses on giving the customer all the information about the park and its activities. If a customer wants to come to the park, he can see the facilities available and know the park rates’ impact online. This will also save time for our customers as well as the administration with online booking instead of on-site booking. This Resorts Management System is very secure due to the availability of login and password options. Creating profits and achieving customer satisfaction is the main goal of our system.

Providing customer satisfaction is the main objective of our project. And we have also been taking care of the expectations of the users when they search for some resort for their holiday or any other event. It focuses on giving the customer all the information about the resort, and photos of the resort, and also help them to see the various room in the resort and book them in advance, various other pages are the About Us page, Facilities Page, Faqs page and Contact Us page, Blog Page. If any customer is willing to come to the resort, he/she can see the facilities available and can know the cost-effectiveness of the resort online.

This will also save time for our customers as well as management by booking online instead of booking on the spot. The resort system Full Stack & Bootstrap project’s main idea is to develop an online web-based application that is accessible to all and to create a scope for visiting tourists from different geographic locations. 


Technology Used:

  • HTML: The page layout will be designed in HTML
  • CSS: It is used for designing
  • JAVASCRIPT: To Program the behavior of web pages
  • Bootstrap: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for creating responsive, mobile-friendly websites.

Resort Website


  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 or Linux
  • Vs Code or any other text editor
  • Chrome or any other browser


Teamwork plays a vital role to make any project successful. It needs the participation of every single member. Our team comprises four members and work will be equally divided among each member so that every member of the group can contribute and can give their best efforts on the Resorts Management System project.


Besides the above achievements, we still feel the project has some limitations, listed below:

  • Limited information provided by this system
  • Since it is an online Resort project, customers need an internet connection
  • People who are not familiar with computers or using online websites can’t use this software
  • Heavy traffic leads to failure or long wait issues


Online has got a clear advantage over the manual system. The Online Resort system is more reliable, efficient, and fast at the end of the project. I can say that online websites play a very crucial role in the development of the firm.

  • Thus we have proposed a Resort Fullstack Website.
  • It eliminates the 3rd party website completely ( MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Trivago )
  • This software aims at reducing paperwork & provide multiple facilities to users with fewer efforts and Access to the Portal according to choice & availability.

We have prepared a full-fledged working website on named Resorts Management System. It is a website based on the Resort Management system and displays various facilities and services offered by the resort. We have displayed various features of our resort-like hotels, rooftop, spa, swimming pools, banquet halls, etc. The central objective of our Full Stack & Bootstrap Project website is to provide an online facility for accessing all the services of our resort.

We have created a platform where customers can directly communicate with us and can overcome the problems of manual system and third-party platform issues. This Full Stack & Bootstrap Project aims at reducing paperwork and provides multiple facilities to users with less effort. Users can access the portal according to choice and availability.