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The Secure Hash Algorithm Mat Lab Project Abstract

The Secure Hash Algorithm is one of a number of cryptographic hash functions for protecting the authenticity of information between two parties. The following algorithms are treated as secure hash algorithms. SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 & SHA-512. These algorithms provide IP security, pretty good privacy and digital signature. As the usage of wired and wireless communication(…)

Modelling of Performance of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Mat lab Project Abstract

In this project,Modelling Of Performance Of Three Phase Induction by using mat lab we will analysis different parameters of three phase induction motors. By analyzing various parameters for example torque, efficiency, power factor, iron loss it would be helpful to select the suitable motor for a particular application. This analysis also helps in checking whether(…)

Non Uniform De Blurring for Shaken Images Mat lab Project

Non Uniform De Blurring For Shaken Images paper explains about proposed new algorithms which can convert blurred images in to normal high quality images. There are two reasons for image blurring firstly due to 3D movement of the camera while taking a moving picture and second one is due to noise inside image. Images that(…)

Train Collision Using MIWI Communication.

Description: In this project we are going to prevent the train collision using MIWI communication. In this project we use sensors and micro controller and p2p protocol for communication. Code is written in C language and updated to micro controller which is the heart of the system for taking decisions.  Hardware and software requirements: Programing(…)

Text Extraction System ECE Seminar Topic

Like PC, compress electronic, storage medium, and great accuracy communication talent are improved severely and the digital video is evolved into the essential components under several applications like games, studies, and news. Multimedia information is even become greater than before. To obtain and explore the essential data from the great quantity of video information then(…)

Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor EEE Project

Project Name: Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor  Environment:  MATLAB/SIMULINK  Project Description:      This Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor EEE Project is on Induction motor to control the speed in both directions by eliminating the use of sensor and to estimate the speed and torque of an Induction motor their by reducing(…)

Design of 7 TAP FIR Filter Using HDL and Analysis Using MATLAB

Design Of 7 TAP FIR Filter Using HDL And Analysis Using MATLAB project explains about a new design of FIR filter to determine control circuits in DSP architectures.  This project can be useful in DSP architecture where different operations using algorithms are time multiplexed in to single functional unit. In order to reduce space in(…)

Design and Implementation of Butter worth Filter Using VHDL AMS

Design and Implementation of Butter worth Filter Using VHDL AMS projects main idea is to develop a system which can be used for easy designing and performance. Using this system it will be easy to simulate entire circuit at each transistor lever before design is conformed. This project helps companies to submit their work in(…)

Implementation OF CDMA Signaling Technique Using Mat lab

Implementation OF CDMA Signaling Technique Using MatLab Projects main idea is to provide solution for GSM networks for increasing scope of coverage to rural areas. In present telecommunication industry many networks are not providing services to the rural areas because of few customers and high installment cost. In order to solve this problem we propose(…)

Design and Implementation of a Digital To Analog Converter Using VHDL AMS

Design And Implementation Of A  Digital To Analog Converter Using VHDL AMS Project explains about designing a new system through which complex designs can be made easy and feasible. Using these system designers to design model systems quickly and provide best way to simulated chip design and performance at the starting stage of design. This(…)