Vehicle Management System Java Project

Abstract: Vehicle Management System is web application developed in Java and it is implemented by using windows appliance. This application provides an easy and simple way to sell or purchase vehicles online. Customers can vie wall the details of the vehicles and can purchase the vehicle. Customers can view all the details of the vehicle(…)

E-Auction Java Project

E-Auction Abstract: E-Auction is a web application developed in java. E-Auction provides a marketplace which facilitates buying products such as electronics, furniture, household goods, bikes, and cars etc. This application enables users to buy the goods by making fast and easy for anyone to post all the details of the product on the application. Existing(…)

Carve your Choice Food App

The main aim of developing this Android-based mobile Carve your Choice Food App is to provide easy food application to the users those who want to explore tasty food in their kitchen. This app can be helpful to the newcomers to prepare delicious food. EXISTING SOLUTION Displays only recipe description by selecting the particular recipe(…)

College Campus Application for Activities and Notifications

Project Synopsis Problem Statement: To develop an android mobile application that allows access to college activities and notifies the students of the upcoming events. Objective and Scope of the project: This android based campus application automates the admission of the student including the academic performance, Department notices, Placement updates, Sports, Cultural activities etc. The student(…)