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E-Admissions Project in Java using Servlets and Oracle

October 28, 2014

ABSTRACT In present day scenario, a student goes to a counseling center to get admission in an institution. This is time consuming. Moreover the colleges are not able to select the students of their choice. The main aim of this project is to convert the existing paper filling admission process into electronic filling for all […]

Online Course Reservation System Project in VB & Oracle

October 28, 2014

Online Course Reservation System Aim To develop a problem statement, SRS document, UML Diagrams, Technical, Domain & Service layers for Online Course Reservation System. Problem Statement The Online Course Reservation System helps a student to reserve a course from a college of his or her choice online. If a student is already registered, they can log […]

An Efficient Resource Allocation Strategy for Future Wireless Cellular Systems

October 28, 2014

Abstract The systems of future mobile communication will be intended to assist huge range of rates of data with complex quality matrix quality. In order to optimize the resource management of radio and also to increase the capacity of system, while meeting the needed service quality from viewpoint of user, it is turning out to […]

Benefits Processing for Migrant Workers Project in Asp.Net

October 25, 2014

Benefits’ Processing for Migrant Workers Project  is a real time web application System.  The main objective of this project is enrolling migrant workers to United States in various insurance schemes, personal accident coverage, pension schemes and other area. With several migrant workers especially in high technology area coming over to us to carry out fairly […]

Coach Management System Project in Java

October 24, 2014

Though, all the user requirement have been meet , the road does not end here. Future development can be undertaken to enhance the functionality and to increase the efficiency of the “Traction Loco Control ” The fact that this system is going to evolve everyday in the upcoming month. The team can’t just sit back […]

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