Defect Tracking System C#.Net Project

Abstract: Defect Tracking System is a project developed to detect the defects in the system. This system also  provides the complete information concerning the defects detected. Defect tracking system is to test the application for the defects and report it. All the reports generated will be send to the project manager and developer.All the defects (…)

Cargo Management System .Net Project

Cargo Management System is a comprehensive module designed for addressing the areas of general cargo operations through the aviation. Cargo management system are an innovative way to load and store heavy or bulky cargo’s. Cargo manager is a domestic air express market which transfers goods. Cargo manager can serve the customers  by carrying the goods(…)

Cheap and Best Electrical Fan Regulator

Project Name: Cheap and best electrical fan regulator Abstract: One new circuit is invented by Author for electrical fan regulator which is best and cheap Author: Mohamed  thambi noor haja sathiqu B.E Description 1.Fig (A )shows the full view of connection diagram of the product 2.Fig (B) shows full view of the product and external(…)

Online Shopping Web Application

Project title: Online Shopping Overview: Online shopping is a web based application. The main of this project is to provide better experience in the area of shopping scenario. Existing system: In current scenario, if we want to buy anything it may be cloths or accessories then we need to go shopping mall and search for(…)

City Guide Android Application

Project title: CITY GUIDE Overview: City Guide is an Android application by which an individual can access through all the information related to city providing the details of Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist places, Movie theaters, providing functionalities like Geo location, navigation and reviews. Existing system: Most of the Existing systems are web sites and they do(…)

My Nearest Offers Android Application

Overview: The main objective of this Android project is “My Nearest Offers”.  Now a days mobile app are being played a vital role in our life’s, by using this mobile app it will locate all the running offers around us. Existing System: The present existing system is either we have to go to malls, supermarket(…)

Instant College Updates Android Application

Instant College Updates project is an android based mobile application developed for academic final year project. Modules included in this project are: Admin Login & user registration Info Management Notification view Admin Login & User Registration:        This module describes about the Login process of the Admin in the system. Functionality: In User Registration, he(…)

Traveler Information System .Net Project

Traveler information system is a software application which is a computerized system. This system allows to maintain all the records related to agencies and customers travel information in a computerized way which saves lot of time. This System provides accurate, real-time traveler information which is viewed by many public transportation agencies. Traveler information system provides(…)