Non Volatile Memory Technology Symposium

In our project non volatile memory technology symposium (OUM); we presented solution for the limitations facing by the modern day digital memory devices. Ovonics Unified Memory (OUM) is the most advanced technology which had unique abilities in proving High endurance, low power, nonvolatile RAM with high speed facilities. Non Volatile Memory Technology Symposium OUM is(…)

Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Project Report

In this paper the remote controlled fan regulator project gives a better solution in order to access the electrical appliances in very quick time. Recently micro controller based automation strategies creating tremendous changes in this particular field. Remote Controlled Fan Regulator In present day industrial automation wireless technologies are playing a vital role in appliance(…)

Density Based Traffic Light Control System Report

In this density based traffic light control system project we presented an micro controller based traffic density controller for solving issues in existing system. Density Based Traffic Light Control System Now a day’s traffic controlling in the urban areas is becoming very difficult due to enormous increase of automobiles. So in order to rectify this(…)

Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial robotics Project Report highlights the importance of the manipulating robots in the present day advanced modified manufacturing techniques in industries. Apart from the conventional manual manufacturing process these automated techniques plays a vital role in performing repetitive tasks and their by increases the productivity levels. Here in this paper we particularly concentrate on the(…)

Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Project

This Project Report on “mobile ad-hoc network” is give an outline description of mobile ad-hoc network nodes and its application with complete explanation of its architecture. Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Project Report Evolution of MANET: MANET is a group of mobile nodes into an ad-hoc network which terminates the need of centralized structures. Till now these(…)

Modern Security Systems with Message Transmitter Project Report

In this modern electronic era there is a rapid advancement in Modern Security Systems. In this project we presented a new concept “A security systems with message transmitter”. This is an ideal modern day security system with intent to provide security for theft prone areas like banks, museums, commercial complexes etc; we meet the basic(…)

Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report

The main objective of Wireless Monitoring Systems Project is to perform continuous monitoring the patient conditions, and providing accurate information in emergency situations, the increase in accessibility in wireless technologies paved path for the inventions of new remote monitoring systems. Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report Wireless Monitoring Systems Implementation: Implementing wireless sensing devices with high(…)

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System Project Report

Abstract for Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Objective of Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System project is to avoid the roadway collisions and to drivers prior to the collision. Accidents are taking thousands of lives every day so with intent to reduce the adverse effects we implemented this project based on vehicle to vehicle communications systems, with(…)

Temperature Control System Project Report

In this Temperature control system project we presented a new concept which is enormously applicable in industrial needs, here we proposed a temperature controller base on in modern electronic automatic systems the operations are performed sequentially based task embedded in the systems, embedded systems plays a vital role in automatics sensors and control systems. Temperature(…)