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Online Mobile Shopping Project in PHP

Online Mobile Shopping Project is a e commerce related site which is developed in PHP programming language. Main objective of this project is to understand architecture of online shopping websites from ordering, cancellation, updating products and payment through different online techniques. Project Introduction: Mobile shopping project is a fast growing business in the world. Because […]

Tours and Travels Management System Documentation

Tours and travels management system project is a web based application useful for managing different types of bookings for using a single application. This application is developed in asp.net programming language. Advantages of Tours and Travels Management System Project: One-stop shopping – When it comes to flight arrangements, railway arrangements, rental cars, tour excursions, cruise […]

Employee Motivation MBA Project Report

Employee Motivation MBA Project consisted of finding out that factor which motivates the employees the most. The most appropriate means to ascertain such information was to conduct a motivation survey. The research undertaken was a descriptive research as it sought to describe the characteristics of a small sample of employees with regards to what motivated […]

Social Networking Site Project Documentation

Social Networking Site Project Documentation Covers explains detailed information about how to develop simple social networking site with screen shots and database details. There are the following objectives of Social Networking Site Project :- Users can add friends and share personal and interested details with friends in their circle.  Earn money by developing a ad management […]

Online bidding Project in Asp.net

Online Bidding Project or E auction System Project is a web based product selling website which is developed in asp.net programming language. With the advancement is web technologies and product selling methods through online there is scope for online bidding applications for increasing business needs. Project Introduction: There are many website which sell products through […]

Financial Planning and Analysis Project

Financial Planning and Analysis Project is a management software developed in asp.net. Main objective of this application is to help organizations to manage expenditure, assets, financial goals and insurance details. We can generate reports for analysis on various topics. Financial Planning and Analysis Modules: Behaviours Module                                                                          a.      Question Category Master It is used to create […]

1000projects is looking for engineering graduates

1000projects is looking for engineering graduates with good programming and analytical skills for our internal team.  Following are the additional skills/expertize required for individual positions:  Java/ .Net/ PHP/ any other programming language knowledge Embedded Systems, VLSI, MATLAB, Robotics, AutoCAD, DIP, DSP, Communication Systems and Power Electronics.  Please send your latest resume to info.1000projects@gmail.com.  Please mention following […]

Contrivance Planning Management System Project in Java

Main objective of contrivance planning management System software application is to help users to get information regarding organizations and send resumes and get details directly from organizations and human resource team. This application has option to share information between experienced members in that field and gain knowledge on updating technologies. Existing System: In existing system […]

Calculating average Marks Mini Vb.Net Project

This project titled calculating average marks is a mini vb.net project which is developed by students to understand basics of visual basic programming language with simple form design features. Main objective of this application is to calculate four subject’s marks average and display on screen. Calculating average Marks Project Overview: For schools and colleges we […]

Web Based Automated Manufacturing System Project

Project Titled Web based automated manufacturing system project is a software application which comes under management category. This application is specially designed for companies which manufactures products based on orders and send stock to dealers in given time.  This management software will handle billing management, dealers requests, parts , requesting for parts, products supply, product […]

Client Server Live Meeting Application in Asp.Net

Client Server Live meeting Application is a web based application developed in asp.net programming language. Main objective for developing this application is to provide solution for organizations to share information between employees using a chat feature and mailing application which is integrated in a single software. This software will provide management features where employees and […]

Online Crime Reporting Project in Asp.Net

Online crime reporting project software is developed for police department to reach public in a effective way and provide best service from door steps.  Comparing to existing system public should visit near by police stations to give writing complaint and wait for officials to take complaint. This process is time taking procedure. With the increase […]

Personal Assistant Project in Asp.Net

Personal assistant project is a simple web based application developed in Asp.Net programming language. Personal assistance will help individual user to create account and manage personal details like phone numbers, address book, send mails , set reminders for important dates, fix dates for meetings..etc. Personal Assistant Project Introduction: With the use of internet is growing […]

Project Management Information System Project in Asp.Net

Project management information system project  is a software project which comes under  management and asp.net , sql server category. This project will give detailed understanding about project design, development, database creation and modules design.   Project management software is developed to understand basics of how project tracking and project scheduling system works in software companies […]

Shopping Cart Website Project in Asp.Net

Shopping Cart Website Project is a web based application developed in asp.net programming language.  This application is developed to help users to buy products through online.  Shopping cart website project comes under e commerce category. Project Overview: At present online business is growing fast in every filed. This type of applications are called as business […]

Fine Crop Banking System Project in Asp.Net

Fine Crop is a banking system project developed in asp.net programming language using sql server database.  This application is a web based application developed for banks with restricted features. This application provides solution for banks as a medium between banks and customers. Banking management system project is applicable for only saving accounts.  Project Introduction:          […]

Patient Record Management System Project

Patient Record Management system project is a web portal designed in asp.net using Microsoft SQL Server database. Main idea behind developing this application is to provide a solution for hospitals to manage patient’s records and details in single software. Patient management system application can manage information of patients health details, appointment details, payment details, past […]

Greenwich Online Course Management System Project

Online course management system project is a web portal which works as communication platform between students, teachers and training institutes. With the advancement of latest technologies and fast way of communication on web it is easy to develop a application where education training can carried out. Greenwich application helps students to learn different types of […]

Knowledge Management Project

Knowledge management system project is a web based portal developed in asp.net using Microsoft sql server. This web portal is useful for college and education institutions to create platform for students and lecturers to get information related to different subjects and reference. Users can share files through online and search for reference material uploaded by […]

Commodity Intelligence System Project in Asp.Net

Commodity intelligence system project is a web portal ( Asp.Net ) which is useful for providing solution for commodity classes with updated information of every commodity prices and provides option to trading online.  This is the new method of network which is used in every national trading centers and market places all over the country. […]

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