Online Share Trading Portal

Online share trading portal application in java web application where stock exchange related information is shared by online stock brokers.  This application provides features like creating new accounts, tracking transactions , feedback system, listing updated content . Features of Online Share Trading Portal: Trading strategy Put simply, your career online trading is going to be made or broken depending(…)

Planning & Technical Management System in Java

The manual procedure for interaction between the PPO users and the other users in ELS (Electric Loco Shed) is prone to certain limitations.  The existing system has been facing certain limitations like communication gap between various departments of ELS and maintaining the details manually which is a time consuming process. So, it is becoming very(…)

Video Library Management System in C++

Aim of the project The aim of the video library management system is to deliver a working system that will allow the video parlor user to keep the records of the videos which are in stock and also the ones which have been rented including the issue and return date. Objective of the project In(…)

Gas Agency System C++

INTRODUCTION  The Gas Agencies and the number of gas users are seem to increasing day by day. The transactions like booking gas, releasing gas, keeping records of all customers, etc. when being processed manually take up a lot of time and thus add to the problems of the management, and thus to keep track of(…)

B.Tech & Diploma EEE Projects List

B.Tech/ Diploma  EEE Mini & Major Projects List 1. Electrical Equipments Controlling Using PC 2. Power Monitoring System (Voltage, Current, Pf, Active & Reaction) 3. Chopper Based DC Motor Speed Control 4. Wireless Energy Meter using RF Communication 5. Circuit Breaker (Single Phase) 6. Transformer over Load Alert through Voice Announcement 7. Bi- Directional Dc(…)