JobSeek Web Application in Java

As we have implemented “JOBSEEK”  some of the new technologies will be needed for this change. Proposed system is implemented using following hardware & software: PROPOSED SYSTEM: We developed the JOBSEEK software in HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, JAVA and MS Access:- The following are the advantages:- 1)      The system is user friendly. 2)      Efficient traceability.(…)

Web Template for Customer Relationship (CRM)

WEB TEMPLATE FOR CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP (CRM) SYNOPSIS This Web Template for Customer Relationship (CRM) project improves the company-customer relationship by giving a lot of information about the products and also updating the current information about the products so that the customers can get updated information. Project Description:                  (…)

EEE MATLAB Simulation Projects List

EEE Project List (BTech/M-Tech):Simulation MAT-LAB  Course of Instruction: Basics of MATLAB programming/Simulink Designing of Simple circuits in Simulink Steady State Space Analysis of RLC Circuits Electrical Drives/Machines Basic Concepts of Motor AC/DC motors Modeling of Induction Motors Electrical Drives Various speed controlling techniques of AC/DC motors Fuzzy/Neural Networks Power Electronics: Uncontrollable/controllable Converters Various PWM Techniques(…)

PowerBuilder Online & Offline Training

We provide Power builder online training and  offline training for students and employees.  We cover all power builder topics which are listed below.  Our tutor is expert in power builder who has 10 years experience in MNC company who is working 0n real time projects. Introduction to PowerBuilder Power Script Language        (…)

Payroll Management System Java Project

Importance of payroll:- Employees moral is affected by payroll administration and employee is the main resource of any organization. Employees should be paid sufficiently to motivate employees. Scope  Payroll system has following scope. 1) Defining salary structure of an employee. 2) Acceptance of attendance of employees. 3) Defining leave structure of an employees. 4) Identify(…)

Raspberry Pi Based Project List

M-Tech Raspberry Pi (2014-2015) Projects Intel Galileo, Beaglebone Black,  ARM11 (Raspberry Pi/ Banana Pi processor), ARM Cortex A9, MSP430 launchpad, ARM7 Raspberry Pi Projects List: Minimum-Time Trajectory Planning and Control of a Pick-and-Place Five-Bar Parallel Robot (IEEE-2015) Autonomous Pose Detection and Alignment of Suction Modules of a Biped Wall-Climbing Robot. (IEEE-2015) Design of a Direct-Driven Linear(…)

Telephone Number Enquiry System Project in Vb.Net

Telephone Number Enquiry System Project in Vb.Net is a simple mini project which covers features like telephone data entry, telephone search, store and search codes, configuration. Telephone Number Enquiry System Screens: Search Screen  With Help of this screen, You can search information about the stored Telephone information based on Telephone Number, Name of the Consumer,(…)