Multi Chain Market Monitoring in VB

PROJECT SPECIFICATION: Multi Chain Market Monitoring deals with the processing of accessories rates and product maintenance with the three data files to store data permanently. The user should maintain two databases about the customer and products. The customer database consist of customer code, customer name, address, city are the fields. In product database product code, product(…)

House Allotments System in VB

ABSTRACT: The allotment of houses for various people is due for automation. There are various data that are maintained. One of them is the employee detail. The various details include the code, the dress, the designation, name the confirmation data and the retirement date etc. there are also details like the various grades and designation(…)

Quiz Handling System Project in Visual Basic

This Quiz Handling System Project in Visual Basic is mainly useful in conducting the quiz . This project is  performed in Visual Basic because it is user friendly and it is easy conduct the quiz inquick format. This project includes various categories so that the user can participate in all the categories or any particular(…)

Sales Order Processing Visual Basic Project

The project entitled “SALES ORDER PROCESSING” has been designed and developed for any Electrical and Electronics Enterprises or any other. The main aim of this project is to computerization of daily activities in the enterprise. It is a database system for creating a selective related information, for subsequent analysis manipulation and application. This project contains(…)

Process Controlling Tool

What is Process Controlling Tool? Process controlling tool is a tool for controlling other process in a system. It is like a DOS-command Prompt. It has some external features than the command prompt. It is one interface to all processes. It is lightweight(less process resource utilization). Existing System: Every user interacts with the different process(…)

Automatic Remark Notice Generation

Introduction: This Automatic Remark Notice Generation project deals about generating an automatic notice about the mistakes made by a student. Earlier in all educational institutions when a student commits a mistake they used to manually maintain record of the students mistake and generate notices manually. But with the “Automatic remark notice generator” we maintain a(…)

RapidShare Auto Downloader Java Project

AUTO DOWNLOADER General: RapidShare Auto Downloader is one of most widely used popular online file sharing hosting millions of files for downloading, uploaded by users around the world. Most of the user uses free rapidshare account which has various limitations like low bandwidth, upload limit etc. One issue which users faces while downloading files from rapidshare(…)

Recipe Publishing Management System Project

The purpose of this Recipe Publishing Management System Project is to define scope and requirements for recipe publishing tool  to be developed for Specialty food chain. This chain has become popular in various kinds of cuisines across country. A brief background for this initiative goes back to company’s marketing strategy of sharing their most popular(…)

E-Church Management System Project

E-Church Management System Project Platform encompasses church management services ; all in a single platform for easy administration and communication. The application is debuted to give ministries access to emerging technology to be more effective and efficient in reaching out to more people, thus expanding the kingdom. Church System services as follows: Directory Listing/ Ministry(…)