Water Tax Billing System Project

Main aim of this Water Tax Billing System project is to implement an application which deals with maintaining water tax managing activities like generating a water tax bill, customer personal records and other administrative activities. Initially, all the information about customers will be entered and maintained, which in turn helps to generate water tax bill based(…)

Health Record Management System Project

INTRODUCTION: The Health Record Management System is used in order to simplify the conventional way of checking in patients where we can increase the availability and usage of the information in the record, improve the quality of information as well as health care and benefit each patients checking in as well as the whole of(…)

Graphics Editor – Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab Project

The title of our project is “GRAPHICS EDITOR”, as the name indicates it deals with computer graphics which interacts with the user. Hence, the graphics generated is interactive graphics. Editor is used for creation and manipulation of pictures. The features of editor revolve around supporting the various user requirements like drawing, painting and various editing(…)

Tax and Deduction System Project

This report serves two main objectives. One is for the organization and other is for the student. The first objective of this report is to provide for better understanding and easy maintenance of the system for the organization on the departure of the student after the project work. Secondly, this report will suffice the requirements(…)

MA & M.Ed Projects

Find the below Projects available with us. These project/Reports comes under MA Pol Science, MA – Education, M.Ed, MA Economics, Masters In Library Sciences, MARD, M.Phill Education, Masters Of Law, Polytechnic, Msc. Physics, DNHE, PROJECT TITLES  India-Russia Relations in the Post-Cold War Period (MA Pol Science) Indo-Us Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: Political, Security and Future Prospects (MA(…)

Stock Maintenance System

This project “STOCK MAINTENANCE SYSTEM”  has been developed for the computerization of the  handling stock of a product.  This project mainly deals with the items, suppliers, sales, purchase basis. The project get all the details about the items stock and how many the product have sold and purchased.  This makes the manager manage the product(…)

Sales and Service Management

Computerization has become a backbone for today’s world.  It completely changed the manual system in all fields of work.  The change comes out to be very interesting and saving as it helps in storage of data early and efficiently and also helpful in retrieving. The  project  titled  as “SALES AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT”  was  developed  in (…)