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Benefits Processing for Migrant Workers Project in Asp.Net

October 25, 2014

Benefits’ Processing for Migrant Workers Project  is a real time web application System.  The main objective of this project is enrolling migrant workers to United States in various insurance schemes, personal accident coverage, pension schemes and other area. With several migrant workers especially in high technology area coming over to us to carry out fairly […]

Coach Management System Project in Java

October 24, 2014

Though, all the user requirement have been meet , the road does not end here. Future development can be undertaken to enhance the functionality and to increase the efficiency of the “Traction Loco Control ” The fact that this system is going to evolve everyday in the upcoming month. The team can’t just sit back […]

Enterprise Collaboration Tool Project in Java & Oracle

October 22, 2014

Code Explanation  To develop the proposed Enterprise Collaboration Tool system, We have created a java based web application and used Oracle as my database to the application. All the required front end pages are created using jsp files, where the user interface is created. Following are few important jsp files used in this application and the […]

Management of Lost Private Key using Cache Database concept across Identity Based Encryption systems

October 22, 2014

Abstract With the increase in internet and intranet usage across the world, there are many sophisticated security system in existing and each of them have their own pros and corns. Since decades the common approach followed to send the data across any secure network is to encrypt the data and there are many encryption and […]

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)

October 22, 2014

Abstract Carrier frequency offset abbreviated as CFO in the concept of OFDM systems will then decrease the concept of orthogonal in various kinds of sub carriers. Here loss of Orthogonality will be results in particular performance degradation. This is very much crucial to estimate the performance. A sub optimal approach is introduced in order to […]

Commn Tracker a Planning Project in Asp.Net

October 21, 2014

Commn Tracker a Planning Project in Asp.Net is developed to reduce manual work in software companies where there are large number of employees. This software has new entries, View Reports, Modifications. Detailed explanation about modules are explained below.  The modules present in this application are,   Employee  Account   Project Domain  Practice  P A S […]

Online Crime Investigation System Project in Java

October 18, 2014

Project Abstract: This Online Crime Investigation System software presents the part of an organization work as per the requirements , specifications and conditions mentioned in the user manual . This application s/w has been developed and completed successfully and also tests successfully by taking “Test Cases” It is user friendly and has all the needed […]

Implementation of energy efficient communication scheme for MANETs using Random cast techniques

October 18, 2014

Project Title: Implementation of energy efficient communication scheme for MANETs using Random cast techniques Study Area Review: Wireless communications Aims: Main aim of this project is to develop energy efficient communication plan using Random cast technique across Mobile Adhoc networks Objectives: • To understand the concept of MANETs and different communication techniques across them • […]

Distributed Detection in Mobile Access Wireless Sensor Networks under Byzantine Attacks

October 18, 2014

Distributed detection in mobile access wireless sensor networks under byzantine attacks project is a NS2 based java project. In a wireless sensor network we a need a effective communication system for securing data from static and dynamic attacks. Static attack:  This is type of attack caused by malicious nodes which will send data in opposite […]

Design and Modeling of a real time pedestrian traffic control system

October 18, 2014

Introduction and Background:  When ever the normal working conditions of road are suspended, to provide continuity to the blocked traffic always a temporary traffic planning is required. To provide a temporary traffic control, pedestrian moments should be captured and controlled in a proper way for providing better traffic control and moment. Accommodating pedestrian across a […]

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