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Online Goods Management System Project in Asp.Net

Online Goods Management System Project in Asp.Net is developed to bring buyers and suppliers under single platform. Buyers can register with application and request for material and suppliers will see messages and respond to messages. PROBLEMS IN EXISTING SYSTEM 1   This main concern in passing messages between Buyer and Supplier companies. 2      Here, Buyer Company […]

Institute Mailing System Project in Asp.Net

The Gmail Client  Institute Mailing System Project which we have developed basically fulfills the needs of college system in terms of assistance, sending notices to the college staffs, students, sending the daily updates to the people of the college, sending the results to the students which can be internal exams or external exams results through our […]

Secured Data Transmission Project Through Network In Java

In this project secured data transmission system project we mainly explain about the importance of data security while transmitting data on network. At present there are few methods like File transfer protocol for sending data in large size which use other techniques which are not useful for individual data transfer. Existing System: At present we […]

Visa Management System Project in Asp.Net

Visa management system project is a web based application which works on client server module where companies will use this application to manage employees visa processing details while they are transferred to other countries for work. This application will store details of every employee with related documents like passport, experience letters, related documents, other countries […]

Mail Server Project in Asp.Net

Mail Server Project in Asp.Net is  a simple web based application which is useful for configuring settings of internet server. Students can download full project report and source code. Existing system: In present system when the user wants to configure the server the user has to do the necessary tasks on the computer where server […]

Budget Analysis Project in Asp.Net

Budget Analysis project is web based application developed in asp.net programming language. Main objective of this application is to automate process of calculation which was actually done by excel sheet. This software will use RDBMS for retrieving and manipulation data.  Budget Analysis project  Screens Explanation: Admin can login to application from home screen by entering […]

Mutual Fund Management System Project Report

Mutual Fund Management System Project aims developing a system to automate the Mutual Fund Management System. The system would provide facility for display the profit/loss statement of the MF detail for the particular user/client folio. Our system is also compare with Mutual Fund daily price. Admin can edit information in the database which will be retrieved […]

School Automation System Project in Asp.Net

School Automation System Project in Asp.Net is a simple web based application which is designed for schools for managing students details, parents details, fees payment, marks..etc. School Automation System Project Overview: Administrator can update and delete the whole information. Administrator has the status of all member and can give permission to allow the member of […]

Classified Website Project Report

Classified Website Project is a web based application developed in asp.net programming language. Detailed explanation about this project is explained below.  Context: Guest Site:  Our website enables the Guest user to register themselves as user or advertiser.  Guest user can see the categorized classifieds/ads uploaded by advertiser and also search particular classified.  User Site: User […]

Building Management System Project Report

Building Management System Project is a property related website project which is designed to help users to post requirements and available offers for selling properties. Existing System: Building Management System Components: In each and every system, there is a particular system components through the system are running till now. The existing system can be any […]

Production Automation System Project

 Raw material production automation system project is a software application developed in asp.net programming language. Main objective of this project is to help companies to manage production related work like purchase raw material, production of sales of cloths. This application will help management team to handle work according to time and organize data in a […]

Institute Management System Project in PHP

The Institute Management System Project in PHP website is useful for the students,staff,parents who like to display Result as well attendance and all the task like event,news,fresh assignment without going to college.It provides the facility to the students or parents to have complete information about the college. This website is very dynamic and very easy to […]

School Management System Project Report

 The main purpose using School Management System Project is to avoid  manual problems and also documentation storage problem we can’t maintain long period data that’s why we used computerized system to overcome all problem related to school’s data storing and other arias.  This website handles online student admission procedure.   Hillfort public school is a web […]

Personal Organization System Project in Java

Personal organization System Project in Java is synchronization software which is designed to update information between personal computer and office data store.  In order to sync data this software must be available in personal system and office data store. Personal Organization System Project Purpose:                 Personal organization is specially designed to software employees and companies for […]

Doctor and Hospital Management System Project

Doctor and Hospital Management System Project is used by the people who  in remote areas.and also this system also used by the people who are far away from hospitals.The system also provides computarized self test to the users and suggesting the appropriate medicines / suggestions ton their problems.  System specific Modules:             There are 3 main […]

M.Tech Project on Cloud Computing with Report

Business Model for Cloud Computing is a final year M.Tech Project which covers detailed explanation about project, Project Design, Development, Source Code. User Registration and Control: This study proposes a Business Model for Cloud Computing Based on a Separate Encryption and Decryption Service. The concept is based on separating the storage and encryption/decryption of user […]

Mobile Content Management System Project

Mobile content management system Project or CMS system is a master’s project developed in asp.net programming language. Main objective of this project is to help user to update new products to mobile stores and buy products from the store. There are different modules developed for performing this operation.  List of forms used in this application. […]

Truth Finder Algorithm Project in Java

Truth finder project is search algorithm used to display high quality sites and accurate content sites on the first page of the search.  At present most of the search algorithms are designed based on back linking and links of sites on other websites.  We cannot accurately analyse sites data based on these two methods. This problem of […]

Speculative Transmission for Latency Reduction Project

Main objective of Speculative Transmission for Latency Reduction project is to analyze the delay between request and delay for response and reduce that time. In this project we will analyse delay in time and measure mean delay and successful transmission of data for requested one are explained.  Screen Shots Explanation: Screenshot for Source Here we […]

Enterprise Database Integration Project in Java

EDI or Enterprise Database Integration project is designed to fulfill requirements while dealing with database. This software is useful to access relational and non relational type of data using back end application. There are many databases available in market like oracle , DB2, Sql server..etc which are used for back end data storage. This tool […]

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