Medical Shop Management System Java Project using Oracle Database


This is software that aims at easy management of medical stores. In the market, a lot of work is done manually. In this era of the computer revolution, where everything is digital, data management and operation also need to be computerized. The existing manual database management system is more problematic and tedious. The calculation of data is not always accurate. The computerized system would reduce the complexity of managing the records and making them secure and easy to access, and get any type of information like the product detail, patient, etc in an easy manner by a quick search.
This system keeps the records of medicines such as medicine name, MRP, MFG, expiry date, quantity in stock, etc. The software also generates patient or customer reports as print out for later reference. After booking the patient order, our stores provide the medicines by hand or home delivery together with the proper bill generated by this software.
This software focuses on high security so that no unauthorized user can make a random transaction. Only the person provided with the proper user ID and password can do the billing or see the reports. And then for signing up as a new user it requires an Authentication number is required which is only owned by the owner of the store. So that no random person can signup for the account.
The software provides two levels of security. As “only billing rights” and “managing rights” so that a person or staff or helper who is appointed for only billing purposes can not manipulate the data stored in the database. But the administrator who has the managing right can have complete access to the data.


The main objective of this software is to provide an easy way to submit information about medicines and some other information as well.
It also facilitates deletion or modification or searching of all information very easily. The system is also helpful for generating reports and statuses. The medical shop management system is software that processes computerized information and manages all the record of medicines which is under medical shop management.
The aim of this project is to make possible easy all the manual errors and problems by automating them, which the users are facing at different levels of management in medical stores as well as provide a high level of security for the data.

ER Diagram:

So in this project, we try to do the best of our effort and hard work to cover some parts of the system process.

Fast Query Process:-

Computerization of the query process is more economical than that of manual processing because the query is updated and stored instantly without any calculation mistakes here we have to just update the product master table or customer master table but in a manual process, we have to change all the records.

Entry new Records:-

Maintaining the records of new entry becomes very easy because every day there are new medicines coming into the market which has a huge demand in the market. So, it’s important to stay updated for patients’ health sake.

Maintenance of all of the records:-

Medical shop management helps in updating all the records from time to time.

Issuing reports:-

Issuing reports issues from the completion of the updating of all tables or records. Here reports issue status is maintained by which we know how much patient comes for medicines, we generate reports of stock status after updating the stock records, etc.

Highly secure:-

This software is highly secure because in the absence of authorized persons, nobody can provide medicines because they have a unique id or password to edit their records which are protected also.

Input or Output Screen Design

  • If the user clicks on generate report then the report page is visible otherwise log it is done according to the user´s rights provided.
  • Generate Report: Provides Report of the customer or patient for future reference and allows us to keep it as a Hard Copy.
  • A new user can get signed up by an authorized person for using this software.
  • The Main menu contains all quick links. In the menu bar, the user can jump to the desired location, saving his/ her time.
  • Search for the desired medicine quickly for modification or deletion.
  • View the stock as Table
  • Keep track of all the transactions by easily checking out the Sales Report
  • Hassle-Free Billing.
  • Easily Customize the purchases.

Download the complete project on Medical Shop Management System in Java & Oracle database using AWT and Swing with ODBC