Development of Electricity Information System BCA Final Year Project

This is the BCA Final Year Project website related to electricity information systems developed with PHP and MySQL databases. In which users can see the problem related to the electricity in a particular area. Users also can complain about electricity-related problems like a complaint about the transformer, electricity problems at home, wire damage and overload of the powerhouse, etc.

Users can also see the information related to the Main powerhouse and its sub powerhouses like can take the information of the Senior Engineer and Junior Engineer of the corresponding powerhouse, can also check the load of the powerhouse and its number of workers.

Users can aware of the latest updates related to electricity and can take advantage of the latest information according to need.

The main purpose of the Electricity Information System website is to connect users directly with the administrator and for complaints related to Electricity.


Location of Electricity– In which can see the place where the problem occurs in electricity.
Duration in rectifying Electricity problem– can update with the electricity rectification timing, and how much time is taken to rectify the electricity problem.
The report related to Electricity– Make a report related to complaints and report related to whole information about powerhouse.
Query related to electricity– The user can query related electricity problems and related JE of the powerhouse and its workers.

Data Flow Diagrams:

Level 0 & 1 DFD below:

Electricity Information System Level 0 & 1 Data Flow Diagram

Level 2 DFD below:

Electricity Information System Level 2 Data Flow Diagram

ER Diagram Below:

ER Diagram of Electricity System


The proposed Electricity Information System project will have its main page and modules as:

  • Login Module.
  • Admin master module.
  • Search module.
  • Validation handler.
  • Report Generation module.
  • Response master module.

Software Requirements:-

WAMP Server
Text Editor: (Sublime, Dreameviewer)
Front-End: HTML, CSS
Back-End: MySQL, PHP

Scope of the Project

Scope of the Electricity Information System project gives Sartnesss to the village, town areas, and also for the powerhouse admin.


  • This Electricity Information System application can be used in power stations so that they can save time, and reduce headaches.
  • Users also can update with the electricity changes.
  • Easy to complain About the electricity situation.
  • Electricity will be live on the network.