Civil Engineering Construction Management Projects

Hi, These are the latest projects for partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master of Technology or Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Management.

Infrastructure Engineering & Construction Management Projects

  1. The Integration of Drone Technology in Civil Engineering
  2. Highway Alignment Analysis Using Openroads Software
  3. Implementing Green Construction Technology in Construction Projects
  4. Investigating the Impact of Factors on Labor Productivity in Hilly Regions
  5. Assessing Delays in Construction Projects
  6. Planning and Timetabling a Significant Building Project
  7. The Effect of Waste Materials on Bituminous Mixture Characteristics
  8. Analyzing Challenges Experienced by Female Construction Workers During Covid-19
  9. Innovative Approaches in Air Transportation: The Concept of a Green Airport
  10. Advancements in Concrete Technology: High-Strength Concrete with Self-Healing Properties
  11. Adopting Sustainable Construction Methods for Existing Structures and Evaluating its Impact on Ratings
  12. Improving Highway Project Efficiency through Lean Construction
  13. Key Risks in Road Projects in India
  14. Enhancing Construction Management of Delayed Projects using BIM and Rescheduling with Primavera
  15. Predicting the Safety of Infrastructure Projects through MATLAB Neural Networks
  16. Identifying and Managing Risks in Building and Infrastructure Projects
  17. Managing Risks in Highway Projects
  18. Scheduling and Cost Analysis of Underground Works in Hydroelectric Projects
  19. Timetabling Repetitive Non-Serial Activities of Multi-Storey Parking and Cost Estimation
  20. Modeling an Intersection Using PTV VISSIM
  21. Examining the Factors that Influence Highway Widening Projects in Hilly Areas
  22. Analyzing Labor Productivity in Construction Projects in India
  23. Improving Labor Productivity in Hilly Terrain in Construction Projects
  24. Investigating the Strength and Durability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete
  25. Evaluating the Success and Failure of Hydropower Projects
  26. Time and Cost Contingency Assessment and Analysis
  27. Optimizing Time Delay and Cost Overrun Analysis in Construction Projects using Genetic Algorithms
  28. Analysing Time Delays in Road Construction Projects
  29. Utilizing Waste Material in Cool Pavement Construction
  30. Identifying the Most Significant Delaying Factors in Hilly Road Construction
  31. The Use of Waste Material in Concrete for Rigid Pavement Construction
  32. Understanding the Factors that Affect the Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Concrete
  33. Time Contingency Analysis for Construction Projects
  34. Comparing Accidents on Dam and Highway Construction Sites
  35. Examining the Feasibility of the Public-Private Partnership Model for Dam Construction
  36. Computing the Height of Lift and Placement Frequency in Concrete Dam using FEA
  37. Designing and Scheduling a Significant Building Project
  38. Developing a Whole Life Cost Model for Road Tunnels
  39. Comparing the Life Cycle Costs of Normal and Green Buildings
  40. Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Porous Lightweight Concrete
  41. Mix Design and Factors Affecting the Strength of Pervious Concrete
  42. Timetabling Repetitive Non-Serial Activities of Multi-Storey Parking and Cost Estimation
  43. Designing Shimla as a Smart City through Smart Solutions
  44. Investigating the Factors Influencing Highway Widening Projects in Hilly Areas.
  45. Challenges in Preserving Historical Structures: Material Considerations
  46. Minimizing Construction Waste through Lean Integrated Project Delivery: A Development of Interpretive Structural Model
  47. Real-Time Monitoring of Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery with an Integrated Navigation System
  48. Reducing the Delivery Time of Ready Mixed Concrete Through Particles Swarm Optimization (PSO)
  49. Textile Wastewater Treatment by Zero-Valent Aluminium Based Advanced Oxidation Processes and Fe/Al catalyzed Advanced Oxidation Processes
  50. Development of Interpretive Structural Model for Challenges in Precast Construction for Indian Infrastructure Project
  51. Assessment o the Physical Space Utilization and Land Use for Healthcare Facilities
  52. Evaluating Capacity and Delay for Signalized Arterials with Freight Deliveries
  53. Application of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) as Risk Management Tool
  54. Impact of Roof Garden on Annual Building Cooling Load
  55. Social Benefit-Cost Ratio Analysis (SBCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis for Sustainable Transportation Project
  56. Mode Choice Behavior in Urban Travel
  57. Application of 6D BIM in Designing of Energy Efficient Building
  58. Assessment of Educational Infrastructure Requirement for Ahmadabad Region
  59. Development of Geotechnical Site Characterization Model for Ahmedabad City
  60. Performance Analysis and Comparison of Fixed Time Traffic Control System and Adaptive Traffic Control System
  61. Lcc for Affordable Housing Using Supplementary Chementitious Materials
  62. Life Cycle Costing Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Techniques
  63. Analysing the Impact of Building Orientation and Lighting Sensors on Annual Lighting Load
  64. Application of Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling Transit Mixer Delivery of Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC)
  65. Application of Genetic Algorithm for Resource Optimization of Precast Construction
  66. Comparison Between Suitability of Flexible Pavement and Rigid Pavement
  67. Development of Output and Performance Based Road Contract (OPRC) Model for Maintenance and Management of Roads
  68. Development of Red Light Violation Detection System for Heterogeneous Traffic.

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