Full Stack Project on Restaurant Selection based on Reviews and Ratings

This Website ultimately relies on its users to post reviews, which can be rather subjective and not entirely accurate. Moreover, negative and inflammatory reviews tend to attract significantly more attention than positive reviews. For example, if a restaurant gets 10 positive reviews and just 1 negative review, most people will often scroll down to the negative review and read what it says. This means that even a single bad review can put a business in a bad light. This can pollute their online presence and potentially cause some loss in revenue.

Brief about the Project:

So, the project is titled Review-based Restaurant Selection, where this website will deal with the top-rated and best-reviewed Restaurants present in Mathura.

So, with the help of this website, potential customers weed out their choices of restaurants in Mathura.


“Review based Restaurant Selection” is the way of giving/providing information related to the best-rated Restaurant in Mathura, because Online review sites have transformed the way we do business and the way your customers make decisions.

 Modules used in the project: 

Detailed Description of Pages

Home Page The home screen consists of a screen where one can browse through the page for getting information about the usefulness of the web page

Home Page

Top 6 Restaurant Page: The screen consists of a screen where one can browse through the top 6 best-Rated Restaurants present in Mathura.

Write Your Review: The user can also Write a Review of any stuff for any Restaurant Present in Mathura Because public opinion matters

Products Page

Review of the Day: – Here on the Screen some Review Added by the user will be shown.

Review of the Day Page



  • Personal computer (any configuration)


  • Brackets source code editor

Technologies used:

  • Full Stack Technology –
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap

Web Page Details

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us
  3. Top 6 Restaurants present in Mathura
  4. Write a Review
  5. People Reviewed

Future Aspects

  1. We can add a query box
  2. We can add the review of the newly opened Restaurant

We can add an SMS tool so that information about the Restaurant can be provided using SMS.

Travel and Tourism Analysis Data of Hotels using Big Data Hadoop

Name/Title of the Project

  • Travel and tourism analysis data of hotels using the Hadoop environment system.
  • Tourist Analysis Using Big Data (Tourist Place Recommendations Dataset)
  • Tourism Behaviour Analysis Using Hadoop (Big Data Analysis)

Problem Statement

Throughout the years the tourism industry was dependent on intermediaries, who enabled the interaction between the suppliers and the customers. The internet age changed the complexity of tourism distribution, enabling the entry of new virtual intermediaries characterized by a strong competitive advantage over other players in the sector.

Recommender systems are categorized into

1. Content-based system: With this, item recommendation is analyzed then it retrieves the information and filters this for research. For example, if the tourist goes to hill stations more often, then the database contains “hill station” as a recommendation

2. Collaborative filtering systems: They rely on similar factors of users or items. Preferences of different users for the same item are recommended by the system.

There are many challenges in designing and executing a Personalized Tourist Travel Package Recommendation System.

1. Usually Travel packages are location-based so they are pertained to space or time to reach the destination. For example, the package contains locations that are geographically near and also vary season-wise.
2. The older recommendation method is dependent upon rating and the travel data may not consist of this sort of rating.

Introduction/Feasibility Study

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, in 2008 travel and tourism were equivalent to 9.9% of the total world GDP. The tourism industry is growing despite all the risks faced in recent years: terrorism, health fears related to avian flu, and high oil prices. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) reports that in 2006 international tourism arrivals reached its record of 842 million: a 4.5% growth compared with the previous year (http://www.unwto.org). This number even exceeded previous long-term forecasts. For the following years, the WTO predicts constant growth, reaching 1.6 billion international arrivals in 2020. According to the WTO, in the last four years, the biggest tourism arrival growth occurred in the Middle East, followed by Africa and Asia, and finally Europe, while a sharp decline has been observed in the Americas. Europe, however, still accounts for the biggest market share of international arrivals. Tourism has thus a great influence on the world economy and it is important for the European market to maintain its leadership position. This can only happen if the industry will keep up with the newest technology innovations and will be able to quickly adopt them. Internet is especially relevant for the tourism industry due to its worldwide coverage, enabling direct worldwide interaction with tourists

Below are the modules required to develop this project and create an application user form:

1. Administrator authentication/module: This module is mainly based on admin.
2. User Registration: This module covers the details about the registration of users they can be registered by themselves by adding data like name, password, email id, and further details.
3. Package Modules: Users can view different tour packages available for tourists.
4. Testimonials module: This is the module where passengers can post feedback after the journey and they can share their experience.
5. Payment & Search Module:
a. Pay payment through PayPal.
b. Pay payment through draft, credit & debit cards, UPI, and net banking.
c. Search city-wise hotels, flights, packages, buses, rails, and events.
6. Routes module; This will display the route information of the source location and destination location. Users can also check the best routes for their destination. From this module user can also get information related to various routes connecting sources and destinations, For each route, information such as source, destination, fare, reservation details, pick-up points, etc. are provided.
7. Reservations module: This module is for passengers/customers where passengers can reserve their seats by making payments.

Hardware & Software Used

Software Used:

1. HADOOP environment system that acts as a tool for analysis & recommendations to tourists.
2. Technology: Java
3. Web Technology: HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
4. Database used: MySQL5.0

Hardware Used:

1. A portable PC or a working laptop.
2. A minimum RAM of 8GB or 32 GB hard disk drive.
3. Intel Core-i5 Processor, 8th Generation(minimum)

With this project, I am developing a tourism management system first by creating a user login and password form with the help of java language and some of the python frameworks which will be used for developing the code and then, giving recommendations on famous tourist places to visit in a particular area or throughout our country(India) based on user’s search history on the system. It will be a simple static web application type system with not that much of looking feel.

Responsive Crypto Site System Full Stack Web Development Project


Website Design and learning Frontend and Backend designing were the main objectives of this internship. Develop a web-based application, there are several programming languages that can be used. For example, HTML3, HTML4, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, etc. For example- PHP, Java, etc. Nowadays there are also some frameworks that are used vastly. It is also called MVC. Solving real-life problems was a key issue. This report takes us through all the details of Watsonisite. Watsonisite is a Crypto site, that includes information about cryptocurrencies, the trends, the price, and the performance of the particular cryptocurrency.

Problem Statement

To develop a completely responsive Crypto site that includes information about different kinds of cryptocurrencies, the trends, the price, and the performance of the particular cryptocurrency. It also shows the ratings of each cryptocurrency and reviews from the users. It informs the user about the constant change in prices of different types of crypto. The usage of the concept of live value tracking of various cryptocurrencies means that the user can constantly stay up to date with the change in values by the minute and plan his investment accordingly. It provides an excellent means of connecting a new user to crypto and the trend with which its value goes up or down, giving him an idea about the crypto industry.

Existing System:

  • The last 5 years have seen a massive growth of cryptocurrencies in terms of the volume generated and the popularity of these currencies.
  • Due to the recent massive growth of crypto, the industry still hasn’t completely caught up with the demand of the market in terms of making a user-friendly, and fully functional informative website.
  • In terms of user retention on the website, an attractive graphical interface with pictures and information presented in a good, neat, readable format is essential in order to make the users feel content with the information given to them.
  • There is also a lack of consistently updating real-time prices on each of the cryptos, making most of the websites available today for crypto highly unreliable.

Proposed System:

  • The utilization of a concept such as dynamically updating the crypto values of each kind of currency at regular intervals helps the user track the market values for each kind of currency.
  • Even though the website is not designed to assist the user with his investment directly, it indirectly helps him or her with their investments by providing other useful services.
  • There is a feature implemented in the website consisting of a login page with the ability to  
  • log in with either your Google or Facebook account or any other email address in case the user does not have either of the two.
  • This provides a sense of privacy to the user and the ability to log in from anywhere and check the status of crypto at any point in time
  • The website also provides assistance and helps the users with a Cryptocurrency mining server, a Cryptocurrency trading bot, tracking cryptocurrency stats over time, etc.

The objective of the System

  • The website was designed aimed to overcome the shortcomings that the existing system possessed.
  • One of the major objectives of this designed system was to have a good-looking, properly functional, neatly organized, and descriptive website that aimed at providing the best informative service to its users.
  • We were able to achieve this by using simple, open-source software tools and utilizing them to the best of our abilities in order to design a product that would excite people to come back and visit, either for getting an idea about their next investment or to someone to get some basic knowledge about crypto and slowly getting their feet into the deep waters of crypto.



It was a new learning experience for me as I chose this project because I wanted to know how cryptocurrency websites work and what problems users were facing. So, I conducted user research to understand what pain points they had and empathize with them to understand exactly how they feel.


Once we performed a market analysis on the problems that the various users of crypto websites were facing, the next step in order to design a crypto website was to understand the outline and visualize what the final website would look like.
This helped we could get an idea as to what tools had to be used with the web design and we could update ourselves with those tools if and when necessary, in order to make the website as user-friendly and informative as possible.
We then had to make sure that the website that was made was compatible with both phones and laptops because the user who has no access to a laptop at the moment should also be able to access it conveniently.


  • MySQL
  • Notepad++ Editor
  • Processor: Intel core i5 processer
  • Memory: 6 GB
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB