Introduction to Microcontroller Project on Wireless Technology Based Consumer Application Display System:

Our Project is aimed to come out with an idea of “Data Receiving” with no loss, by implementing of current Wireless technology. The wireless technology we are relied on is ZIGBEE Sensor Network which is explored for accurate and real data receiving. 

The Current System   

The current technology of advertising display system is based on opto-electronic devices, in which the motion digital video is projected on to the screen from a somehow closed or fully covered conveyance or transportation.

The theory of this project here is to eliminate reasons in improper display of the motion video at transportation area. The modular features of invention for easy seeing and nearer of a force display system in the transit area consists of parallel wire mechanism and high speed motion makes the view high standard. 

We have come up with the topic of how to regulate issue of the force display system run by parallel wire mechanism. We have done enough research on developing the quality or performance of display systems by proposing Control laws. The systems performance experimentally  be proved in terms of  quantity, stated that Proposed control laws supports the more acceleration and less reaction force compare to any force display systems. 

The current system is normally based on an Electronic display system, more commonly to the Database Driven Electronic Display System. The Multilanguage Self- Contained Unmanaged Database- Driven Real Time Digital Advertising Display System has dramatically changed the advertising style of Products of the Retail sector with an idea of aiming audiences directly through Display systems in transit areas. This creates to promote the products easily and in a very efficient manner with in limit finance and time. 

The Retail Sector had been using the corporate databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL for their promotion of products in the Stores and outside by hoardings. The Multilanguage Self- Contained Unmanaged Database- Driven Real Time Digital Advertising Display System uses high speed internet for their communications and advertisements with upgraded information of the product displayed online. 

Proposed System 

Our innovation is based on the “Wireless Technology based consumer application display system” to reduce the difficulties of Consumer application display and complicated system. Our project is consisting of three units. First is Application User Unit, second is User Display Device 1 and third is User Display Device 2

The Application User Unit is containing ZIGBEE, a Receiver or Transmitter, and PC a server. 

The User Display device 1 and User Display device 2 are the modules that work like a receiver units with user friendly ZIGBEE modules consisting of Microcontrollers that collects data from modem and passes it on LCD display. 

Software specifications include Keil version 3 and Flash magic. Hardware specifications include ZIGBEE module, microcontroller, LCD display, and keyboard.

  Download  Microcontroller Project on Wireless Technology Based Consumer Application Display System.