Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System Abstract

The Zigbee technology is proposed by us and it is based on a wireless identification of vehicles and authentication of drivers system which consist of a central authorized database of vehicles, RF vehicle tag of Zigbee, RF tag readers and tag writers.  The Zigbee technology is based on the standard IEEE

802.15.4 for WPANs or Wireless Personal Area Networks that is used in research applications and commercial uses. This is a low cost applications as well as consumes less power. These are the reasons why today it has become one of the most attractive solution. The establishment’s entrance will be approached by the RF tag that is placed in as a vehicle, further the tag reader will communicate with the tags and facilitate the writers to write the tags or the programs. By reading the serial number on the tag this identification is made and using the password that is entered on the target vehicle authentication is done.

Information can be read through the 802.15.4 wireless interface via the reader and sent the same to the database for verification through the ethernet. Advanced encryption of 128 bits is used for increasing the level of security and it was implemented in the interface of Zigbee.  This document is based on the development of a prototype of the latest proposed system and the hardware that it used presently as well as the design of the firmware aspects. A vehicle identification system was designed with the use of the Microchip Zigbee protocol stack.. Implementation of hardware in the RF Tags, writers and readers is made using the Chipcon CC2420 RF

Transceiver, Microchip micro-controller PIC18F4620 and an inverted F-type PCB, used with the transceiver. 2.4GHz is the band frequency of the functions of the designed applications and the CC2420 transceiver is implemented in the Zigbee stack’s physical layer. The micro controller including the application layers and other layers implemented on the Zigbee stack. 

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