Prisoner Face detecting System a Java Project

Prisoner-Face-detecting-java-projectPrisoner face detecting system java project explains about a software application which is used to identify criminal faces based on image slices of eyes, lips, nose and hairs…etc. This project report covers system analysis, feasibility report, hardware and software requirement, system design, sample coding and testing techniques.

In existing system criminal information is stored in file format with outdated images and low quality images. Using this information it is not possible for eye witness to guess the criminal, so there is need to develop a better method for identifying criminals like finger print, DNA…Etc. Among all these methods face detection method is cost effective and more accurate.

Prisoner face detecting system can be used in police department. This software contains front end and back end applications where front end is used to visualize the output and back end is used to store data. Initially criminal images are stored in database along with his bio data. Every image is sliced by eyes, hair, lips and nose..etc and stored in database as separate record. These images are shown to eye witness while investigation separately, if witness can judge any part of criminal we can recover entire criminal record based on that clue. With this system police will provide better option to witness to judge criminal.

download Prisoner Face detecting System A Java Project.

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