Python projects

Welcome to the Python Projects Section.

Find the below some projects we have developed using Python.

  1. Google Finance currency calculator API.
  2. using aprori on website to get relevent data
  3. Game like tictactoe,2048,
  4. Note/content sharing platform for college students
  5. book information parsing tool developed for opencart
  6. AI Crooswords
  7. An algorithm for steganography of multiple heterogeneous files on a single video carrier.
  8. college-administration

Handwritten Character Recognition using Deep Learning Approach

ABSTRACT: Deep learning is a new area of machine learning research which has been introduced with the objective of moving machine learning closer to one of it’s goal i.e artificial intelligence. There are various applications of deep learning. In this project we use deep learning for hand-written character  recognition. The challenges associated with hand-written character(…)

Digit Recognition Python Project

Project Domain: Image processing and Machine learning Project Title: Digit Recognition DESCRIPTION: Digit recognition is one of the active research topics in digital image processing. It is a classic machine learning problem. The goal of this project is to take an image of handwritten digits and determine what those digits are. The principal task in(…)

Smart Traffic Management System Project

Traffic management is the problem that most of the countries are taking special steps. Smart traffic management system project is a hardware and software application which will use latest technologies to calculate traffic and provide information to traffic police for taking steps. Project category: Traffic Management System Project Introduction: This application is designed by using(…)