Free Academic Projects and Classroom Trainings

1000Projects is offering Free Computer Science Projects including Mini Projects and Major Projects, Project Oriented Classroom Trainings with project execution on  Java, .Net Technologys, SQL Server, etc.

Free Projects & Trainings:

  • 15 days Free training for all Engineering Students and Freshers.
  •  Morning and Evening batches.
  • Covers basic and advanced topics in the selected technology with real time project execution.
  • Experienced faculty with corporate level trainings in collaboration with Lattice Cloud Business Solutions.
  • Help in executing free Mini projects and Academic Projects.
  • Give guidance to start your IT career.
  • Offer trainings for BE, BTech, MCA students to complete their academic projects.
  • Line by line Execution on selected Project from website.
  • Give Guidance to work on non software projects including Electronics, Electrical Projects. 

About 1000Projects:

1000projects is a free web organization started in 2007; it provides information on engineering projects and technology, which is good source for freshers, out-coming student’s, job seekers and those who are interested in knowing new technologies.


  • 1000projects has 45,000+ facebook fans in FB fan page
  • More than 1 lakh students are benefited from for getting jobs and executing their Projects. 
  • Students who doesn’t have financial background for learning new technologies, 1000projects helped those to learn and develop their skills with free of cost. 

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