ECE Technical Seminar PPT electronics and communication students can select best ece technical seminar topic and idea and download ppt documentation for reference. Students can find ECE Technical Seminar topics on wireless communication, GPS, GSM, Mobile technology and many latest topics.

Wireless Networks Seminar

Introduction to wireless networks: For any communication network it requires a medium for transmission of the signals. Previously wired networks are used in which cables are used for transmission of the signals and due to advancements in technology wireless networks are introduced in which the information signals are transmitted using free space. In this Wireless(…)

Satellite Communications Seminar

The ground based use radio frequency waves for transmission and reception of the information in between transmitter and the end systems. But radio can be used in satellite communication but they have some distortions, so microwaves are used in satellite communications. In this Satellite Communications Seminar paper we will see the frequency ranges used for transmitting the(…)

Low Power Design in VLSI ECE Presentation PPT

Introduction to Low Power Design in VLSI ECE Presentation: The electronics industry has achieved a consistent growth over two decades mostly to the advances in integration technologies and large-scale systems design – i.e. due to the advent of VLSI. The number of applications based on integrated circuits resulted in high-performance computing, telecommunications, and consumer electronics(…)

PPT Topic for Telecommunication on General Packet Radio Service with Presentation

Introduction to General Packet Radio Service Technical Seminar Topic: The paper is about the GPRS. All the organizations which are either small or either medium or even the large scale is finding measures, so that the network traffic can be controlled in such a way that the flow of resources is good so that the operations(…)

ECE PPT Topic on Embedded In PIC with Presentation

Introduction to Embedded In PIC: The paper is about the microcontroller. The micro controller is considered as the small computer on a circuit with a number of units such as the processor core, the memory and also the input/output peripherals.  These controllers are used mostly for the embedded applications. These controllers are used mostly for the(…)

Electrical Seminar Topic and PPT on Broadband over Power lines

Introduction to Electrical Seminar Topic on Broadband over Power lines: This paper presentation seminar is about broadband over the power lines. These applications are completely based on the electrical devices and much more related to the sector of the electric gadgets. The broadband over power lines abbreviated as the BPL is the new scientific technology which(…)

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks Seminar Topic: Now a day’s the Bluetooth device has become and generates a great importance in the daily needs of the people’s. The users require Bluetooth after each and every successful work to transfer the data or to communicate with the other person totally free and with less cost(…)

Code Division Multiple Access Seminar Topic for ECE With Report

Introduction to Code Division Multiple Access Seminar Topic: With the daily activities the need of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. With the increasing number of users to accommodate the efficient use of broadband is becoming the most important priority among the mobile phone systems. CODE DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCESS SYSTEM is one of the most excellent solution.(…)

EC Technical Seminar Presentation Topic on Relativistic Chips The Spintronics Theory

Introduction to EC Technical Seminar Presentation Topic on Relativistic Chips The Spintronics Theory: BRAIN is one of the most ultimate biological machines and no kind of microprocessor in the entire world can challenge its functions. Of the current IC technology energy and heat are the main constraints. The law of Moores is the ideal for it(…)