Seminar Topic on Wireless Sensor Networks

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Wireless Sensor Networks:

There are many fields where sensors can be used. It is used to detect fire and rain detection and can be used in health care. Sensors greatly contribute to electricity production through coal. They can be used in solar energy collection which track the sun rays to track the power and they can be turn on and off by using sensors.

The smart grid is an innovation that has the potential to revolutionize the transmission, distribution and conservation of energy. Defining the smart grid is not easy as it too hard to define but it can be in two ways its characteristic from solution perspective are more efficient energy routing, better control of energy, two way flow of energy. The new and advanced grids allow more efficient energy transmission.

Smart devices and smart metering: – It includes sensors and sensors network and it can be used at multiple points along grids. They play a vital role in remote monitoring area. Electricity providers get better picture of energy customer’s. Energy can be priced according to real-time cost. Customers are aware of the real cost of power bills. It also includes system based on artificial intelligence and semi-autonomous software.

Advanced control system: – Advanced control smart grid can monitor and control essential elements of this grid. It uses computer based algorithm for data collection and analysis. In new subsystem the information is available in the whole grid and thus provides better power transmission. In this faults can be detected at faster rate and its repairing time can be reduced.

Conclusion: – This report gives overview of sensors and sensors network and its selected field of application. There is many technologies which are at early stage of developing. Many programs are done to increase the use of sensors and contribute to industry wide solution.

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  1. Can you help in suggesting which is the best algorithm to be used for better security in wireless sensor network and the best energy a efficient protocol

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