Wireless Networks Seminar Report

Wireless networks are the type of networks that utilizes different types of radio frequencies within air for the purpose of transmitting as well as accepting the data without using the cables. One of the main added advantages of wireless networks is that it does not require any type of physical cables as well as users can even reduce the operational costs.

In order to get the clear idea on wireless and its uses, firstly the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks are explained in detail as follows:

Advantages of Wireless Networks

By using this wireless networks the mobiles users will be able to access the real time data from any location. There is no need of using wires and setting them into cables and ceilings, the set up of wireless networks is simple and easy which could be extended towards different locations without any wires. The network configurations of wireless networks can be changed easily through which the network can be accessed easily.

Disadvantages of Wireless Networks

The major disadvantage of wireless networks is that there will be many interface problems within the radio frequencies that cause some network connection problems and if any multiple connections is added then the entire throughput of the network will be affected badly.

Ad-Hoc Mode in Wireless Networking

Within the existing wireless computer networks, the Ad-Hoc networks are the type of networks connected with wireless devices through which users can communicate among themselves easily. If the networks are operated with Ad-Hoc networks it permits the entire wireless devices with the range of each device in order to identify as well as to communicate within the peer to peer networks without making use of the central access points. In order to set the Ad-Hoc networks there is need of configuring the entire adapters which finally turn into infrastructure mode. 

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