4G Wireless Systems Abstract and Seminar Report

Introduction to 4G Wireless Systems Seminar Topic:

This paper is about an emerging wireless technology 4G.  The main purpose of designing 4G technology is to manage data through wireless communication at high speed which is much more when compared to that of any existing wireless technologies.

4G Benefits:

In cellular network, data access to a wide variety of devices can be possible with the help of 4G. Now-a-days, rapid growth of wireless technologies drives the entire market. 3G systems overcome the drawbacks of 2G but still 3G have inherent flaws. 3G is a voice-centered protocol but there is a severe need of data-centered protocol in the current cellular world.  4G protocols can handle dynamic load changes and also has a capability of creating more bandwidth when compared to that of 3G systems. 4G system allows transparent connectivity and draw attention of users by using standard network protocols to connect to the internet. 4G technology and equipment are available at low cost in the current market which draws attention of cellular manufacters and providers. 

4G Hardware:

 Smart antennas and Ultra Wide Band Networks are the required 4G systems hardware.  4G network can be implemented using Ultra Wideband Technology. UWB provides greater bandwidth of 60 Mbps, which is 6 times faster than present available wireless networks. UWB signals are bit weak so special antennas are needed to target and tune the signal.  Switched Beam Antennas and Adaptive Array Antennas are two types of smart antennas. Smart antennas can optimize available power and can able to increase base station range and coverage. 

4G Software:

Even UWB and smart antennas plays a vital role in 4G system, but there is a need of software to manage the data processing at both sending and receiving side.


4G is emerging as the next wireless standard and available to the user at low cost. 4G technology has the capability to overcome all the issues faced by users with wireless technology.

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