Seminar Topic and Report on Wireless LAN

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Wireless LAN:

The Local Area Network is the connection and network of the computers in a limited area of about 1 kilometer. The analysis stage of the LAN consists of observing the trouble and troubleshooting, to focus on the work of the system. The design phase requires the understanding of specification that has to match. The design includes the sketches and paper work of the system network. It has to be initiated with the overview for the installation. The application of the LAN can be explored by first physically installation of hardware, active cables for connection, installation of the software.  To use the applications of LAN the personnel should be trained. The system network has to go for the testing and debugging to match with all required specifications and its assets. The security is tested by simulated hacking and intuitions. 

The system operation and Maintenance stage is utmost required to overcome in the stage of broke down of the network which leads to the shutdown of the network. This can be achieved by the expert staff to observe on the network. The maintenance and operation requires the voltage limit specifications, the connector’s specifications, the accessibility of the electrical appliances and the circuits.

The Network regulates the paths of the data by instructing the domain address for route messages.  The domain address mentions the location of the address and specifies the transfer of the packet data from one end to the other end in the network.

The transport facility is done by the interface for communications to the high level. The Upper layers gives this facility to not be interrupted from the below hardware network and topology. The tough protocols are made for the Upper layer. The protocols connect the remote systems by this layer. The security questions like Password are being asked in the Upper layer. The presentation, encryption and the compression are mentioned in the Upper layer.

The application layer is the user interface software that includes the remote login, the file transfers to the network, e- mails and the web page browsing.

The LAN networks are of different types- Ethernet, Token ring, FDDI.

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