The main aim of this Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using Gps and Gsm Technologies project is to get the vehicle information using the GSM and GPS technologies, this GSM is the global system for mobile (to get the vehicle information using SIM (subscriber identity module)), and GPS (global system for mobile) is used to find the vehicle location and to get the information when the accident occur, in this project the components used are accident switch, microcontroller, GPS modem, GSM modem, buzzer, ADC analog to digital converter, LCD- liquid crystal display, the software used are embedded c, keil IDE software, this project is mainly used in the industrial usage, coalmines, transportation system, object recognition,  whenever accident occur then the sensor detect the vehicle and give the information based on the threshold value selected, if the threshold value exceeded then sensor give the information to the microcontroller, and the sensed data is in the analogy form then the data has to convert to the digital form, this can be done using the analogy to digital converter, then this digital data send to the microcontroller, then compare this value with fixed threshold value, if the threshold value exceeds then the microcontroller send the information to the mobile using GSM, to find exact location using the GPS.

Download Collide Vehicle Information Capturing Using Gps and Gsm Technologies Project Report and Full Documentation.