Introduction to Term paper of Biometrics:

It is a technology of science which identifies the person on the basis of physical and behavioral characteristic. These physical characteristic cannot be stolen and cannot be forgotten. Now a day’s various types of methods are used for identification in biometrics. In biometrics most popular techniques are face recognition and finger print scanning and other famous techniques are Iris scanning, Ratina scan and voice recognition. Firstly this technology was used in china in which stamp on the children hand was made to distinguish one child from another. Later it was used in Paris by police men to identify criminals.

Physical biometrics: – It involved many methods they are hand geometry, finger print, vein pattern, DNA matching and finger print matching. Behavioral bio metrics involves voice recognition, keystroke and signature matching.

Practical use: – This technology is used in various fields such as government for passports and voter card identification. In transportation for security and checking license. In health care for checking patients identity cards. In public safety and justice. For education and in drivers licenses. In employees identity cards for checking daily attendance.

This technology act as a gate keeper between the confidential data and the hacker without verifying the password on one can see the personal data of the person. This technology is very reliable as it secures the data of the person very safely. It is very user friendly since it is easy to operate. It is very cheap. Through this technique we can stop cyber crime, frauds, scamp and many more threats in this world. It offers various solutions for a problem to the schools and government agencies. This technique generally creates template of the password for the comparison. This type of technology provides a high level of security.

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