GSM based Wireless Home Application Monitoring and Control System (ABSTRACT): GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is a low-cost hardware equipment to create a system for remote monitoring and remote control. The system can be controlled and monitored via Short Message Service (SMS) from anywhere that covered by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) service. Devices that connect remote monitoring and controlling of fans, TV sound, tube light, climate, door opening, closing and window’s and multimedia entertainment systems. In this project we are going to develop an embedded system, which will control all these devices with commands from a Remote device through GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) communication.

In this GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) BASED WIRELESS HOME APPLICATION MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM project we are using ARM based microcontroller for controlling the equipments in the home. GSM modem is used to communicate and respond to the remote commands and those commands are sent to the processor. For example if we send 10 through the GSM the microcontroller receives the Short Message Service (SMS) depending upon the SMS the device should be on or off. If we monitor the status of the particular devices we send one more SMS. In this GSM BASED WIRELESS HOME APPLICATION MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM project we are using the relay. Here the relay can be act as a switch for the corresponding device.

This automation system can also be used for small scale & large scale industrial applications with small modifications. It will sense temperature, pressure, humidity and transmit to remote station via GSM channel. 

SOFTWARE Required: Embedded ‘C’ programming

TOOLS Required: Keil tool, Flash magic software tool.

OUTPUT DEVICE: LPC 2148(ARM7) Microcontroller.

APPLICATIONS: Home and office appliances.

ADVANTAGES: It can be used in rural areas, Power usage is very less, using as Wireless home applications.


Download GSM based wireless home application monitoring and control system