RFID is a wireless personal area networking standard which provides features like non line of sight detection of tag by RFID reader from a distance of up to 1.5 meter. This feature help in using RFID in many applications.   

 This Bus detection device for the blind using passive RFID application (ABSTRACT) project demonstrates the concept of bus detection system by the blind people using RFID. In which the blind people having RFID reader with some microcontroller module which gives the buzzer sound whenever the specific bus comes, the bus is equipped with RFID tag. Whenever bus comes at bus stop the blind person who is provided with RFID reader get signal as it reads tag.      

       In our proposed 2012 Embedded System project we are using LPC2148 (ARM7) based microcontroller, which the current dominant microcontroller in mobile based products. RFID reader is connected to microcontroller based embedded board and a program is running which will analyze tag data on the bus and send signal to the buzzer if the bus tag data matches with program data.


  • RFID TAG on Each Bus
  • Power Supply

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’.

TOOLS: Keil,Flash magic.

TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148(ARM7) MicroController.

APPLICATIONS: Blind people bus indication also can be usefull for illiterate people.

ADVANTAGES: Easy and low cost method.

download Bus detection device for the blind using passive RFID application  Embedded System Final Year ABSTRACT.