Significant Changes in Laptop BCA Final Year Seminar Topic with Report

This paper discussed about many significant changes takes place in laptop including features like processors, screens, and display and supporting optical drives. Still many changes are taking place to completely redefine the structure and design of notebooks by 2015. Some notebooks offers sneak peeks which are designing by independent designers and these notebooks arranged in cars gives us insight into what we might be driving in the future.

During 90’s laptop contained integrated pointing devices, speakers and webcams but now-a-days all these became standard equipment for a laptop. Some laptops have touch-sensitive screens which can act as both keyboard and mouse but laptops with multi-touch technology are also entered into the market.


The compenion concept notebook borrows from slide cell phones to move beyond the clamshell.  There is a two superbright organic LED panels located side by side with another panel at lower side which acts as keyboard or scribbling pad. All these three-quarters are of inch thick only. Dual-screen systems will become more popular in the coming seven years. Some laptops have two touch-sensitive displays and acts as both display and mechanical keyboard. In those the upper screen is for viewing applications and the lower screen is for other purposes like typing, jotting notes or drawing.

Siafu concept notebook is designed for the blind and it has no screen.  Siafu can convert the images which need to display on the screen as 3D shapes which are created with oil-based synthetic material, Magneclay. Magneclay can instantly forms shapes in response to electrical fields and this magneclay surface helps to read a Braille newspaper, feeling the shapes of a blueprint.  Cairo, the new concept of notebook which can use at anywhere that is at home, in a car, in an Internet café or on a hotel desk. This concept replaces the lid hinge with a shiny bar and it is a carrying handle. Cairo allows the lid to fold up for convenience in travel and it can be converted into an easel or it can sit on a car’s steering wheel. 

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