Design and Implementation of Short Message Query System for Academic Office (ABSTRACT):  A query system based on the mobile network in gaining importance as mobile network is deployed everywhere. Also sending query SMS by mobile is very chip. This system is very useful for Academic offices like colleges and universities where same type of query is again and again asked by different students. Query may be related to education like exam date, time etc, Financial query like exam fee, Book query, or human query.

              In this system one gateway which is located at college or university is communicated to user mobile via GSM modem.  The gateway, which communicates with mobile phone via GSM Modem, receives the coded queries from users and sends packed results back. 

              The gateway may be connected to other gateway using internet connection to form a big network. The limitation of this system is that we can’t send big SMS, secondly we have to send SMS in predefines coded format which can be understand by gateway. The reply we get is also in the predefined format only.

                   The proposed system includes GSM modem and an ARM microcontroller based embedded board. The received SMS from mobile phone at modem send to embedded board. Embedded board having program that will send reply to predefined coded message. Software requirements applied for this project is  Embedded ‘C’ Programming Language, Hardware tools required for this project is  Keil tool &  Flash magic tool, The destination device to  display is LPC2148(ARM7)Microcontroller.

Applications & Advantages for this project are:

  • Real time automation Embedded project
  • Cheap cost & reliable
  • Secure & Safe device, Less power usage

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