Design and Application of Mobile Embedded Systems for Home Care Applications (Abstract)

The health Caring Application main objective is to taking care of  all patients health by the doctors in the hospital and their health should be monitored by staff members every time. But when the patients are at their homes it is a risky and time wastage to the doctor to come to the patient’s information. Also the patient’s care taker needs to know the readings changes of the patients. In this project we are sensing the patient’s health information using the sensors and sending to the Graphical LCD to display the readings information. Graphical lcd will be useful in most of embedded applications like GPS receivers to view the graphs & pictures.

In the future this technique will helps us to send the patients health parameters readings like blood pressure, body temperature..etc of the patients to the remotely located doctors PC by implementing the TCP/IP protocol.  

In our proposed system we are using ARM7 based microcontroller LPC2148, LM35 temperature sensor and Graphical LCD to view the patients health parameters readings.

SOFTWARE Requirements: Embedded ‘C’

TOOLS Used: Keil , Flash magic

TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148 (ARM7) microcontroller.

APPLICATIONS:. To view the medical parameters by the care takers, Sending Patient’s health parameters to remotely located doctors

ADVANTAGES: Low cost, using this Care taker need not have much medical knowledge for knowing patient condition.

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