A Study on Consumer buying behaviour with reference to Amazon.in


  • To study the consumer buying experience at Amazon.in in Hyderabad.
  • To identify opportunities and the interest of the buyers towards online retailing transactions at Amazon.in
  • To understand the offers and discounts provided by Amazon.in
  • To study the problems and dissatisfaction that may be experienced by the customers Amazon.in.


1. To study the consumer buying behaviour towards Amazon.in in Hyderabad

2. To know the factors that influences the Consumers to do purchasing from Amazon.in.

3. To find out the problems faced by young consumers in buying online retail products from Amazon.in.

4. To come out with suitable suggestions towards making online purchases at Amazon.in.


The scope of the study is limited to the buying behaviour of consumers at Hyderabad who do online shopping from Amazon.in. The Main reason of the present study is to find out the online retailing experience of the consumers and their attitude and satisfaction levels. The study also focuses on factors that influence in doing online shopping at Amazon.in and the problems faced by them during placing the order and receiving the product.



Both Descriptive and exploratory research will be used for this project study. The research of this study involves in both field survey& literature survey, to identify the scope & potential marketing challenges of purchasing from Amazon.in.

Nature of the Data: Primary & secondary data will be used in this project study

Primary data: The descriptive research will be conducted by using primary data which will be collected through the personal interviews using questionnaire as a data collection tool, to identify the scope of retail ecommerce business in India. The primary data is accurate & highly reliable in nature.

Field Study: Field study will be used to collect the primary data from the sample trough the interviews by using questionnaire as data collection tool.

Secondary data: The exploratory research will be conducted by using secondary data which will be collected from various published sources such as retail and e-commerce Journals such as International journal of electronic commerce, Indian Journal of retailing, Indian Journal of Marketing, E commerce magazines, Business Magazines Text books on Retail Management, E-commerce and websites on online retailing and Amazon.in.


Sampling Frame: The Sampling frame will be taken from the population residing in urban Areas in Hyderabad.

Sample Size: The study will be conducted on a sample of 100 Consumers who are frequent buyers from Amazon.in from Hyderabad city.

Sample units: The sample units will be taken from among the 100 consumers residing in selected areas in Hyderabad. The Consumers who are making their online purchases from Amazon.in may be considered for the study.

Sampling Method: This study will be undertaken by using Convenience and Area sampling.

Data Analysis: Charts, tables and percentage analysis will be used for the study.


  • The primary data will be collected only from online buyers. 
  • The survey will be conducted in only in Hyderabad city only. 
  • The data will be collected only from the urban consumers, who might be aware of the process of online transactions & have their own bank accounts.
  • The views and opinions of the respondents may change over the period of time.

DIRECTION FOR FURTHER RESEARCH: At present there is a lot of demand for online purchasing. The present study will focus on the purchasing behaviour towards Amazon.in and finding out suitable solutions to make purchasing more interesting and will be a torch bearer for future researchers and online retailing companies can benefit from such survey.

Focusing on the post-purchase experience is the next frontier for online retailers. Now, retailers are extending the customer hand-holding postpurchase with beautiful branded interfaces, delivery visibility, and personalized content. By streamlining customers’ paths to purchase and bringing them back directly into the loyalty loop, brands can convert one-time shoppers into lifelong brand advocates.

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