SMS & Call Service Implementation for Mobile Phones Using 8051

             In this SMS & CALL SERVICE IMPLEMENTATION FOR MOBILE PHONES USING 8051 project we are going to implement sms and call service for mobile phones using 8051 micro-controller. We are also going to implement the multi-functional keypad by which we can type the messages and send the messages and we can call to a mobile. These functions satisfy the basic things in a mobile phone using 8051 controller.   SMS-&-CALL-SERVICE   Working Principle:

We are going to implement 4*4 keypad to micro-controller and write the code for multi-functional keypad .GSM modem is interfaced to the micro –controller using RS232 .we interface LCD to the controller. When we want to send a message  just type message using keypad  and  the message is send to mobile using Gsm modem.For call service we are going to type the number using keypad and press call button, we can interface a mic controller and a speaker for voice conversation.

download  SMS & Call Service Implementation for Mobile Phones Using 8051 Abstract.

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