Role of RPO in India at Customer Empowering Services Pvt Ltd MBA Project

Role of RPO in India at Customer Empowering Services Pvt LtdThis Role of RPO in India at Customer Empowering Services Pvt Ltd MBA Project is undertaken to study the functioning of RPO and its business specifically in international market. The project focuses primarily on US IT market.

Objectives of the Study:

1.    To study the business model of RPO.
2.    To know the recruitment process in overseas market.
3.    To study the outsourced staffing done by RPOs

The recommendations are as follows:

1.    Identify the KRA’s (Key Resource Areas) and communicate the same to the employees so that he can be judged appropriately based upon it.

2.    The employees must be motivated to fill in the self review form appropriately.

3.    They must be appreciated for their individual achievements during the period and training/guidance must be given if they lack in some areas.

4.    The review must be conducted informally once in every month so that the desired result can be achieved at the time of actual review.

5.    The team leader should treat everyone equally without any bias and give appropriate ratings to each member depending upon their performance.

6.    The employees must be educated regarding the importance of Peer feedback that the true rating, be it positive or negative will help his colleague in understanding his abilities and drawbacks and he can develop himself on those aspects.

7.    To motivate employees for their extra ordinary performance apart from the PLI’s there must be some token of appreciation given for him in the form of  promotions or a simple gift voucher etc.,

8.    The token of appreciation should be given to those employees whose performance was extra ordinary as well as who have been in the organization for a longer period of time.

9.     The feedback from employees must also be taken regarding the working style of management so that the management functions can also be improved. They must be given the freedom to express their concerns.

10.    While conducting the Performance Review the team member must also be given the right to rate his team leader or provide him the feedback because a cordial relation between the team lead and members of the team is very important and the lack of good understanding may hamper the team work.

11.     The problems or hindrances which are faced by employees should be taken care of, so that the employee is satisfied and works enthusiastically.

12.     The employees must be informed before – hand that he needs to provide a proper justification for the ratings given by him and it will ultimately help him to recognize his accomplishments and drawbacks.

13.     The one to one meeting should be conducted in a peaceful manner so that it does not lead to any argument and the desired objective is achieved.

14.     Measures must be taken for effective time management because the delay in the process will lead to distractions.

15.     Suggestions must be taken from employees after the review process in order to make it more effective.

16.     The career goals and career prospects of an employee must be taken into consideration so that they stay committed to the organization.

17.     The negative feedback should be given and taken in a constructive manner.

18.     There must be delegation of authority so that one individual doesn’t feel the pressure of handling all the responsibilities.

19.     Efforts must be taken to reduce the communication gap between the employees and management.

20.     All the employees of the organization must maintain a personal diary to record their day to day achievements as well as the problems they faced during performing a particular task so that he has a record of all the things and it can be reproduced in front of the team leader or management as and when the need arises. 

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