This Performance of 16 Cylinder BG Locomotive By the Modifications in the Fuel Oil System Mechanical Engineering Project is to study the performance by the BG Locomotive by the modification of fuel oil system. Fuel oil pressure is to be created before cranking the diesel engine. Later battery current is allowed to go the fuel pump motor(FPM) located in expresser room & motor starts working. 

         The fuel oil which is drawn from the tank will pass through the fuel trap & fuel oil primary filter & gets purified the fuel oil then takes it path to secondary filter via booster pump. After getting cleaned in the secondary filter the oil is passed through the right side fuel header pipe & then to the fuel oil is supplied after it is passed to the left side fule header pipe to the fuel injection pumps(FIPS).The injector will discharge the oil in a fine atomized from into CC where in power is produced due to the combustion of this sprayed fuel oil with already compressed air .The unused oil left behind in the injector will collected back to the leak off gallery & will be return to the fuel tank. 

      This final year mechanical project report studies the performance of the above said locomotive by the modification within the fuel tank & also outside the fuel tank.