Network Time Protocol for Time Synchronization in Embedded Products

  In any kind of industries or our day-to-day life “ Network Time Protocol for Time Synchronization in Embedded Products plays a vital role in controlling several applications. For any application in the industries there are many parameters to be handled. In this project we are concentrating on temperature and RTC (Real Time Clock). We are using LM35 as a Temperature sensor. The LM35 is fixed at specified location, for our application to be performed. . These values are displayed along with the time, date, month and year with the help of RTC.

We are using DS1307 which is a Real Time Clock. EEPROM is used to store the Temperature values which work on the basis of I2C. 8051 Controller is used to read the values from LM35. LM35 gives values in Analog format to change them into Digital format MCP3201 is used which is an ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). DS1307 and AT24C08 are interfaced to the Microcontroller to display the date and time. 74LS21 is an AND gate IC and is used to edit the date and time values according to our requirement. If a problem arises in any application where this is implemented we can identify the exact time and date using all these parameters.

All this arrangement when assigned to the PC we can monitor all phenomenon’s from the PC itself. These days all kinds of Industries are using this application. Applications are Industries, offices, residential homes and any can be implemented in any such kind.

download Network Time Protocol for Time Synchronization in Embedded Products project information.

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