Job Description is the method to analyze the designations in the Departments. It indicates what the employees of a particular designation has to do. The purpose of Job Description is create and maintain an standard job description template to all the employees of the particular designation in the department and to make them prior aware what skills they need to do the particular job and what are their roles and responsibilities .


•    To study the designations of the employees in the organization.
•    To know the various departments within the organization.
•    Interacting with various employees within each department.
•    To understand and redefine the existing roles & responsibilities of the existing job’s.
•    To clearly identify and spell out the responsibilities of a specific job.


•    The scope of the MBA HR Project – Job Descriptions Of Employees at MAA Television Network study covers employees of various departments in order to understand their designations
•    As MAA TV, is an organization with huge presence in service sector, it is important for each employee to know their exact roles & responsibilities.
•    To analyze the roles & responsibilities of each employee and redefine them.


•    The study has been covered on the following steps

DATA COLLECTION: The data has been collected from two main sources

•    Primary  Source
•    Secondary Source


Through the employees of the organization by collecting directly by face to face


Through various records and published data of MAA TV

Limitations Of The Study

1)    Some of the employees had a problem communicating their exact roles and responsibilities
2)    Study was limited to only few employees in a particular department.


Each person here works not as an employee, but as part of the MAA Family…Little wonder then, that with the least material resources , MAA TV has made a mark in the satellite arena so soon…

They have the most Valuable of all Resources – the HUMAN FACTOR…

absolutely committed to making the impossible happen…

.. and with such Sheer One-pointed focus and teamwork, THERE IS NO STOPPING US NOW.

Getting better and better each day …and more popular…

A matter of time now,  before we are the NUMERO UNO in the industry.

The job description clarifies what the role of the job is and what the incumbent is expected to accomplish while performing the job. This is particularly important for an effective performance evaluation process. It forms the groundwork for an agreement between the supervisor and the incumbent as to the expected job performance results. This is particularly important for an effective performance evaluation process and monetary decisions that relate to performance.

Working at MAA Television Network and being part of their outstanding team was an amazing experience. It is very important for an organization to have clear cut descriptions of their roles and responsibilities. The skills and experience I gained while working there is irreplaceable. During the period of my work term, I have learnt what Team work actually means and also the responsibilities of each and every employee within a department.

I have outmost respect for every employee who have co-operated with me and helped me incompleting my project work successfully. I would be privileged to work with them again. 

Download MBA HR Project – Job Descriptions Of Employees at MAA Television Network.