Manufacturing and Testing Process of Turbo Generators Project Report

Introduction to Manufacturing and Testing Process of Turbo Generators Project:

This project gives the detailed information about the turbo generators, in our project Manufacturing and testing process of   turbo generators we provide a detail study on turbo generators regarding their production cycle, and testing process.

These turbo generators are nothing but alternators driven by the turbines here the turbines acts as a prime mover the rest is similar to the conventional alternator.

while coming from their origin these works on the principle of electro-magnetic induction principle, consists of a rotor and stator, the stator comprises of stator frame for the support of the laminated core and windings, and a laminated stator core provided with ventilation in order to minimize the eddy current losses its purpose is to support stator winding, here the rotating part rotor consists of slotted rotor shaft  for placing field winding(rotor windings) is an single solid piece can withstand high mechanical stress and  non-magnetic rotor retaining rings to overcome centrifugal forces, and for cooling purpose we use rotor fans, the assembly, Preparation of lamination’s   Manufacture of stator coils, excitation systems, cooling methods, Various insulation systems are clearly explained in their respective  sections.

The various process of insulation schemes are resin rich and resin poor systems each system had its own advantages and disadvantages here we introduce a new concept in the turbo generators insulation vacuum pressure impregnation induces pressure for good penetration of varnish on the coils, there are various kinds ventilations like Radial Ventilation system, Axial Ventilation system.

Multiple inlet Ventilation system for various ratings of the turbo generators. While coming to testing of an alternator we perform two kinds of tests process tests during manufacturing and performance tests after assembly of the generator, in order to study the discharge phenomenon quadratic-rate partial discharge tests are conducted on the stator bars, various kinds of process and performance tests are listed below, with tabulated experimental results. 

Download  Manufacturing and Testing Process of Turbo Generators Project Report.

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