The goal of the Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission Electronics Project is to transform the power boosted by laser from lunar. The project has used the lunar-solar tracking mechanism and includes two parts. The working concept of first section is utilized to note the lunar beams that produce the electrical power. This energy is then transformed into light energy through laser groups that can moved for lengthy distance. It is lighted including technological means.

 The solar cell is electronically including stepper motor to track the light frequency. The frequency is analyzed through sensor (LDR) and the signal is transformed to microcontroller and operates the stepper motor based on the light frequency.

The light energy is transmitted in the electrical energy through photovoltaic panels. The cell is utilized to note the beam which is transmitted into electrical form. The ELE energy generated is energized through boost converter that is utilized for distinct power needs.

Solar cells are position under space that can identify lunar energy in the night and sun energy during day since sun revolves under elliptical way and hence the sunlight transmits inside the cell. It results in the decreased quantity of energy production.

It is obtained by making use of light intensity sensors to track the frequency. The sensors are placed in the design under elliptical way. The solar cell is able to generate energy through tracking the sun energy by making use of mechanical design and sensors.


Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission Electronics Project is concluded that solar power electronic is the advent of 100 years to the industrial revolution. It is the mother of many renewable means in the world. The sun energizes natural forms such as wind, water flow, and plant development.

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