Bike Renting System

This information is about  Bike Renting System  project.

The serial data is again received by the controller and here the code that is send with a that format is converted in to ASCII conversion and this send to the system. There in the system the time and take of the bike holder will be  recorded and the status of the bike is noted.  the cards that are assigned to the bikes is passive ID cards. This is passive cards doesn’t have any power. This is activated with the help of the frequency that is generated by the reader itself.

The reader eill read the data and send that to the controller will store the data in the EEPROM. This is to keep the track of the vehicle details and then again it is send to the system through RS232 protocol. This is maintained again in the data base of the system. The details like the total kilometers travelled and other details are recorded manually after the delivery. The time and rent for the time is given in the system.

download Bike Renting System  abstract.

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