Energy Conservation Using PIR Sensor Project

Project Title                –           Energy Conservation Using PIR Sensor Project

 Brief description:  The project ‘ENERGY CONSERVATION USING PIR SENSOR’ it consists of ATMEL 89C51 Microcontroller , relays, driver circuits , passive infrared sensor and transformer.

 In our project main aim is to sense the infrared radiations emitted from the body. The infrared rays can be sensed by a Passive Infra red sensor. Then signal is given to the Micro-controller. The Micro-controller activates the relay circuit. At the relay circuit, we can connect whatever the electrical we want to operate like fans, computers, light etc., without using any switches. If human body is not presented automatically switch off all applications.

 The project is designed especially for the people who are busy enough to even switch off their electrical appliances. The project became an eco-friendly project by conserving the energy.

Designer Role in the project     : Developed the code for in embedded C which is dumped into the Micro-Controller. We are a team of five and I am the team leader.

Download Energy Conservation Using PIR Sensor Project.

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