Embedded-System-Project-Abstract-On-TRAFFIC-CONTROL-SYSTEMIn the proposed Embedded system Project On Intelligent traffic control system , the traffic signal lights are controlled by single board computers with the reference of vehicle density on the road. If the vehicle density is high then the interval of green signal will be faster than the default time interval. The four side single board computers will check the density and that information will send to the server that controls the traffic signals. So four side single board computers will be connected in a wireless network. The wireless network obtained with Zigbee wireless protocol  With this technique the passengers can save time at the traffic signals. 

Working principle

                              Normally the traffic signals will ON and OFF in an equal interval of time. But when the vehicle density increases on the road the interval of green signal and red will change. On the road there will be fixed with IR transceiver module and  it will be placed some distance apart from the  traffic junction. So when ever the vehicle density increases, some vehicles may stopped on the IR transceivers fixed on the road. The IR will detect the vehicle and check for certain time interval , if the vehicle is still on the same place after a certain time then the system will take it as vehicle density. According to the time intyerval of reflection of IR , the system will calculate the percentage of vehicle density and that information will be sending to the server over radio communication.

The server will collect all information from all the side single board computers and calculate which side road should show green signal and how much time green signal should be there.

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