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E-R Diagrams & Database of Mobile Shop MCA Project

Oracle Database Table Description for Mobile Store Java Project Report

Tables: Login

Description: Stores the information of User Id and password

  Field   Type   Size   KeyDescription
UsernameVarchar30Not nullAdmin Identification
PasswordVarchar20 Password

Tables: newcustomer_details

Description: Stores the information of Customer.

  Field   Type   Size   KeyDescription
Cid Int4Not nullCustomer Identification
CnameVarchar 20   Customer Name
PdateDate  Purchase Date
PaidamtInt7 Paid Amount
BalamtInt7 Balance Amount
RefidInt3 Reference Id
Date Of BirthDate  Date of Birth
AgeInt3 Age
GenderVarchar7 Gender
DnoVarchar10 Door No
StreetVarchar15 Street
CityVarchar20 City
StateVarchar20 State
PhnoBigint15 Phone Number
Mob_PurchaseVarchar2000 Mobiles Purchased

Tables: newmobile_details

Description: Stores the information of Mobile Phones.

  Field   Type   Size   KeyDescription
Phone_Id Varchar20Not nullMobile Phone Id
Mobile_modelVarchar15 Mobile Phone Model
Mobile_nameVarchar20 Mobile Phone Name
PcolorVarchar10 Mobile Phone color
ImeinoVarchar20 IMEI No.
MdateDate  Manufacture Date
AccessoriesVarchar55 Accessories

 Tables: newbill

Description: Stores the information of Mobile Related Bill Details.

  Field   Type   Size   KeyDescription
BidInt4Not nullBill Id
Bill DateDate  Bill Date
CnameVarchar20 Customer Name
PriceInt7 Total Price
AmtpaidInt7 Amount Paid
Mob_purchasedVarchar2000 Mobiles Purchased
Mob_NameVarchar20 Mobile Name
Mob_PriceInt8 Mobile Price
Mob_colorVarchar10 Mobile Color
Mob_imeiVarchar20 Mobile Imei

Entity Relationship diagrams of Mobile Shop MCA Project

E-R Diagrams & Database of Mobile Shop MCA Project

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