The engine is a changeable drive that converts power in vehicles and hence gear box is important to obtain required accuracy and torque. Therefore, the important method of gear is to shift the gear manually at a particular rpm to obtain high accuracy and torque.

The manual transmission is the kind of transportation employed in famous automobile applications. It mainly make use of driver-driven clutch which is controlled by a pedal or lever to manage torque from the internal engine to the gear-shift operated by hand or foot.

The four-speed transmission is a transportation which enables the vehicle to function at four various speed since it allows the vehicles with the help of four-speed transmissions to acquire high speed than the old transmission vehicles. Today, many automobile makes use of four-speed transmissions.

Many automatic transmissions include epicyclic gearing managed by brake bands and clutch packs to choose gear ratio. The elements used in this project are Gear box, AC Motor, DC Motor, Voltage Regulator, Friction clutch, and Speed displayer. Most automobiles like sports cars are implemented with manual transmissions. Small cars are implemented by manual transmissions since they are inexpensive and effective.


The DEPARTMENT OF MECHATRONICS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GEAR SHIFTING PROJECT concludes that the manual gear shifting includes two important systems. They are synchronized systems and simple unsynchronized systems. Manual vehicles are featured with gear ratios which are chosen by pairs of locking selected gear for the outcome shaft within the transmission.