Broadband over Power Line ECE Paper Presentation for Final Year Students

This paper discussed about the Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology, which allows internet data to transmit over utility power lines. To use BPL, subscribers need to installs a modem and plug into wall outlet then pay subscription fees for the services. Utility grid need to modify to allow BPL transmission.


The implementation of BPL takes place based on some standards or rules set by Federal Communication Commission (FCC). RF signals which are used by Power line communications allows users to connect to the internet.  There is a requirement of understanding the concept of power grid to get better understanding on how Power Line Communications works.  At customer premises, there is a need to have a transformer to drop the voltage down for safer situation. PLC designed based on the concept that copper medium can transport any electrical signal for a specific distance.

There are two methods of getting broadband into home. One method is using a wireless device from the power line to broadcast signals with a receiver in the home.  This allows “In Home” PLC to be used to network machines.  BPL is categorized into In-building BPL and Access BPL.  In-Building BPL systems operate mostly under the Home Plug specification. Access BPL uses electrical distribution lines to offer broadband internet access to homes. End-to-End Access BPL and Hybrid Access BPL are the two formats of Access BPL systems.  PLC Association, United Power Line Council PLC Forum and HomePlug Alliance are the most important industry players in PLC.


PLC or BPL brings many business oriented opportunities for applications and customer services.  PLC became an important element in broadband communications because of its strong and unique advantages. PLC offers many benefits to both service providers and end users. For the better deployment of BPL equipment, there is a need of BPL technology standardization.  BPL grows in broadband communication market as a strong competitor to Digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modem services. 

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