AI Based Video Capturing and Transferring to PC Using Robot projects main idea is to sense the obstacles moving in the path. Infra red is used to sense information remotely.GP2D12 is the sensor used as sensor with integrated PSD,IRED and signal processing unit. Sensors are not affected by any environmental changes like temperature, humidity …etc.                      

The micro controller always measures the voltage giving by the sensor and whenever the obstacle occurs it takes a control action to turn into a left/right direction. Hence the robot avoids the colliding from any object. This can be attained by connecting a Web-Cam to the robot so that we can control the movements of the robot wirelessly and from any desired place.


  • In military applications
  • Industrial automation


  1. Keiluv2 ide tool
  2. Isp programer
  3. Embedded c programming


  1. Micro controller
  2. Lcd display
  3. L293d driver ic
  4. Camera
  5. Gp2d12  sensor

download Advanced Robotic Pick And Place Arm And Hand System