Security Addons to Wireless LANS NIT Project with Documentation

Introduction to Security Addons to Wireless LANS Project:

This project aims to design a wireless networking system and implement the same in NIT which is at Calicut. Access points, antennas, bridges are some of the equipments that are used in order to secure the position of the design that we are creating. This is the main motto of the project and moreover the part of implementation focuses its concern in wireless LAN security that consists of wireless tools along with the authentication server.

This server is developed by focusing on the requirements of a software lab. It also enable to share the access of internet keeping in the time restriction for individual users. This is made possible with the use of wireless and wired network as well. Again it can be controlled with the help of password and login. Client logging and monitoring of packet are some of the provided advantages.

The AC blocking limit the users in working with the wireless networks. Usually access point scanning utility that enables to access the points within a range. This is a part of the wireless tools and its parameter can also be chained with the settings.

The technologies of a LAN are the fastest developing areas in the network of computers and there are a lot of specifications and standard that have been evolved. It includes 802.11b, 802.11a etc. The benefits of flexibility and mobility is provided throughout but still it is facing the flaws from the aspect of security which includes spoofing, unauthorized access and data integrity. This project is concerned with designs of wireless designs which is a safe and secure way of implementation. The security software that is used here consist of an authentication server access point scanning utility, MAC address blocking utility etc. it allowed shared internet use for all the  wireless and wired users.

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