Two-Dimensional Position Detection System with Mems Accelerometer for Mouse Applications (ABSTRACT) Mouse Initiative is a motion sensing glove with buttons on it that plugs into your computer to function as a mouse.  Accelerometers seemed to be the ideal sensor for constructing a hand-mounted pointing device.

The switches are used for incrementing and decrementing the mouse speed.This Project is the Best Selective Final Year Embedded project for Electronics & Mtech Bases Embedded Systems Students.

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’ Programming Oriented Language
TOOLS: Keil Software Toll,Flash magic Software Tool
TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148(ARM7) Microcontroller.
APPLICATIONS: General usage of all Mouse Applications.
ADVANTAGES: Low cost Device, automated operation, User Friendly device,  Low Power consumption. More secure & Reliable.

Other Devices:

ARM Controller
Voltage level converter
Personal computer

Download Two-Dimensional Position Detection System with Mems Accelerometer for Mouse Applications Abstract