• To study the Training and Development at Deccan soft software services.
  • To identify processing problems if any with the existing Training and Development   process and make suggestions.


To study the Training and Development process at Deccan soft Software services, some research is to be made.  Generally research means analyzing, collecting the data regarding the selected topic, editing the collected data and finally making a report in a formatted way regarding the selected topic.  In order to collect the data some methodology is adopted for the study of Training and Development process at Deccan soft Software services, which is given here.



The Training & Development MBA HR & Marketing Related Student Project concentrates on the study of the concept Training and Development Process.  The study has been conducted at Deccan soft software services.


The following are the recommendations:

  • The management should publish regular advertisement in the newspaper of their courses offered; starting of the new batches in the organization, by doing this the organization can save its precious time.
  • It is better to use Notice Boards for informing the starting of the new batches.
  • It is better to go in the Engineering and MCA colleges and tell about the courses offered and starting of new batches.
  • It is better to conduct seminars in the corporate office and in the I.T. companies and invite the Clients.
  • The company must provide the online registration facilities of the student and accept the Credit cards, which will ease the student to register, 
  • and save the time of institute also.

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