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Traffic Light Implementation Project

February 10, 2012

Traffic Light Implementation Project Description:

Traffic Light Implementation projects main objective is to implement a software for controlling traffic by using lighting system which is controlled automatically basing on the time set in the software. This application can be implemented in many programming languages. 

 Using this software automatic on and off operations are performed  based on the timing we set in the software. Green, Red and orange are lights which are used for traffic controller. By developing this project students can come across different concepts that are using in C++ and understand object oriented programming benfits.

download Traffic Light Implementation project Code.


posted in C++ Projects, CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects with Source Code, VC++ Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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13 Comments to "Traffic Light Implementation Project"

  1. Mahesh wrote:

    IN the traffic light simulation programe there is one error of DECLAIRATION SYNTAX ERROR AT LINE 33 PLZ SOLVE IT!!!

  2. karthik wrote:

    I am not clear on how to execute the project.
    Can I execute this C++ project in turbo C environment?
    Can someone guide me?


  3. fathi wrote:

    plz…explain it…

  4. shahenaz wrote:

    gdevng sir,could u tell me which software project is demanded now a days

  5. mahesh wrote:

    gud eve,i want more about cse mini projects,pls tell me sir

  6. SAKTHI wrote:

    this is so good

  7. mahendran wrote:

    please explain this program

  8. hajra wrote:

    plz tell me how can i open the source code of this project…

  9. priya wrote:

    pl explain this program

  10. gaurav kumar wrote:

    please explain and mail my id

  11. kajal wrote:

    what a logic

  12. reka.s wrote:

    hi i am reka.i want to know about ur project.pls send me ur project

  13. sonia wrote:

    Hi. M sonia i want to knw full abt this project pls snt me

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