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Sales and Inventory Management System Project in VB

February 6, 2012

The marketing department to be automated in which the sales done by the sales representative to the customers and sales of which product they have sold and how many were sold and under which team, all this information is Managed and Stored in their respective records in the system which includes Customer records, Individual Sales, Team Sales, report generation of individual and team sales monthly based and weekly based as well and payroll and etc. 

This Sales and Inventory Management System VB Project will help sales persons to look after their daily work and target they reached for week and monthly basis. This application will save time for employees by using this through online from anywhere with out coming to office for submitting their daily report.

This system is a user friendly application which is easy to use and understand. In existing system daily details are maintained in the form of records which is a time taking and inefficient method.

download Project Report on Sales and Inventory Management System Project In VB .

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  4. brave tuhaf wrote:

    please sent me the source codes of Stock Management System in Visual Basic and SQL

  5. peter simson wrote:

    please i need the source code for a Warehouse Management Information Systems (WMIS) using VB and SQL.

  6. peter simson wrote:

    please sent me source codes for designing a Warehouse Management Information Systems in VB and access

  7. malu wrote:

    plz send inventory management sysytem source code

  8. mohd wrote:

    I dowloaded thr ucbrowser but it unable to open the downloaded file
    Pls help i’m using samsung android phone

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    pls snend me sales and inventory system source code in vb

  10. ravi wrote:

    pls snd me sales and inventory system source code in vb and SQL

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    hi there how to download a software with source code from this website.if i download anything only a project report is available.

    anyone can assist ? ?

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